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Pronunciación: /ʌnˈsaʊnd/


1Not safe or robust; in poor condition: the tower is structurally unsound
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • But as regards health and safety for squatters, there's not much that can be done if the building they are occupying turns out to be dangerous or structurally unsound.
  • Any loss of euro confidence is an unwelcome blow to a global currency ‘system’ already tottering over its unsound dollar foundation.
  • East Asian networks provide mutual support and focused industrial development, but have created unsound financial systems and inflexible business conditions.
rickety, flimsy, shaky, wobbly, unstable, tottery, defective, disintegrating, crumbling, decaying, broken, broken-down, damaged, rotten, ramshackle, insubstantial, jerry-built, unsafe, unreliable, dangerous
Australian/New Zealand informal rumpty
1.1Not healthy or well: Dorinda was mentally unsound
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  • Whether or not such person forgot to have his apple a day will always be up for debate but the fact of the matter is that, yes, such perversions have to be the result of unsound mental health.
  • The film revolves around Kumaran who becomes mentally unsound after learning that his son, Appu, has been grievously injured in an accident.
  • Reporting psychological disorders is strongly associated with social stigma; the hospital also houses an asylum for the mentally unsound.
disordered, diseased, deranged, disturbed, troubled, demented, unstable, unbalanced, unhinged, insane, crazed, distracted
informal touched
2Not based on sound or reliable evidence or reasoning: this line of argument is unsound
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  • Many people believe the conviction was based on unsound evidence.
  • Counsel also made submissions as to why the reasons for decision were arguably either sound or unsound.
  • Mr Pain said the police evidence was unsound: ‘It's all innuendo and unsubstantiated intelligence given by people who clearly have an axe to grind.’
untenable, flawed, defective, faulty, ill-founded, flimsy, weak, shaky, unreliable, questionable, dubious, tenuous, suspect, illogical, irrational, unfounded, ungrounded, unsubstantiated, unsupported, specious, hollow, spurious, false, fallacious, fallible, erroneous, wrong, sophistic, casuistic
informal iffy
British informal dodgy
2.1Not acceptable: activities deemed to be environmentally unsound
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • These are the countries that produce mounting surpluses of wheat, rice, corn, soybean, sugar beat, cotton, and that too under environmentally unsound conditions leading to an ecological catastrophe.
  • Also, some tour companies run ecologically unsound and even dangerous tours at high prices.
  • At the beginning of World War II, the common belief was that air evacuation of the sick and wounded was dangerous, medically unsound, and militarily impossible.
2.2(Of a person) not holding acceptable views.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • They are philosophically unsound because both right and left identify a highly determinate set of rights whether they be basic freedoms or property rights, and postulate that they dovetail in an harmonious set.
  • My neighbour was notoriously unsound politically and had been through hard times after being purged in 1948 from the Czech news agency.
  • I am now convinced that although he is unsound in his views there are not sufficient grounds for proceeding against him.


of unsound mind

Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The judge in this case indicated that, in order for the detention of a person of unsound mind to be lawful under article 5 e, the following minimum criteria must be satisfied.
  • It may be subject to legitimate restrictions, for example, statutory limitation periods, security for costs orders, regulations concerning minors and persons of unsound mind.
  • A person is under a disability while he is an infant or of unsound mind.



Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Whether federal judges are departing ‘too often’ is naturally a value judgment, so I'm not sure quite how firmly it can be ‘discredited,’ especially if the concern is that some judges are departing unsoundly.
  • The author apparently got so enraged that he decided to condemn him (in my view, quite unsoundly) for his youth.
  • He was sleeping rather unsoundly in the bed, laying on his back, a white bandage over his nose.


Pronunciación: /ʌnˈsaʊndnəs/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • For example, if after the solemnization of the marriage it is found that the groom could not have given his valid consent because of the unsoundness of his mind, the woman can get the marriage nullified through the court.
  • The unsoundness of such reasoning can easily be brought into focus by considering the fact that historically, and in some places even today, the infant mortality rate has been very high.
  • The couple decided to put in a new kitchen, only to uncover major problems with the floor pointing to fundamental structural unsoundness.

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