Definición de voluptuous en inglés:

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Pronunciación: /vəˈlʌptjʊəs/


1(Of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The backless gown was flattering; she was not a very voluptuous woman, but she was certainly not shapeless either.
  • He likes the fleshy folds in a voluptuous woman's body.
  • If you are expecting voluptuous women, cascading flesh, and all the excess of full-blown Baroque painting, you will be disappointed.
curvaceous, shapely, opulent, full-figured, well formed, well proportioned, Junoesque, ample, Rubensesque, buxom, full-bosomed, lush, luscious;
seductive, alluring, sultry, sensuous, sexually attractive
informal curvy, busty, sexy, hot, slinky, beddable
archaic well turned, gainly, comely
1.1Relating to or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure: long curtains in voluptuous crimson velvet
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • We often describe the sensuality of cuisine as luscious, voluptuous, decadently indulgent, luxurious, hedonistic.
  • It was one of these dishes that are a tasting menu in and of themselves, giving you the sensory pleasures of a voluptuous feast - only in tiny, manageable portions.
  • This ‘boyish’ and youthful ideal reigned during the 1920s, succeeded by a sensual and voluptuous ideal in the 1930s.
hedonistic, sybaritic, epicurean, pleasure-loving, pleasure-seeking, self-indulgent, indulgent;
lotus-eating, decadent, intemperate, immoderate, dissipated, dissolute, abandoned;
sensual, carnal, licentious, lascivious, salacious



Pronunciación: /vəˈlʌptjʊəsli/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • With what longing, between the bars of my temperament, do I peer at its bright landscape, how voluptuously sniff at its perfumes of hay and raspberries, of honey-suckle and roast duck, of sun-warmed flesh and nectarines and the sea!
  • She is still a very adjectival writer, quick to assert rather than demonstrate, and thus reliant on basic verbs to prop up her voluptuously visual descriptions.
  • The winner will enjoy the room for the evening, which will be voluptuously decorated by local artists with roses, champagne and chocolates.


Pronunciación: /vəˈlʌptjʊəsnəs/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • She had a smile that could light up a street full of people and was extremely lively, had a particular type of voluptuousness - a Rodin sculpture come to life. She reminded me of a libertine heroine. She was just my type.
  • She had a 40s voluptuousness that fit the role perfectly.
  • His works are known for a certain voluptuousness and ripe sensuality, his figures lacking much of the grace and elegance of earlier bijin prints, but emphasizing in their place worldliness and a less disguised or mediated sexuality.


Late Middle English: from Old French voluptueux or Latin voluptuosus, from voluptas 'pleasure'.

  • Voluptuous is from Latin voluptas ‘pleasure’. The word became associated with fullness of form suggesting sensuous pleasure from the early 19th century.

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