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Pronunciación: /wɔːm/


1Of or at a fairly or comfortably high temperature: a warm September evening [as complement]: I walked quickly to keep warm
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  • The sun remained out for the entire day and it was fairly warm, reaching a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.
  • The temperature is a warm, but comfortable; 25°C outside and there's not a cloud in the sky.
  • One of the paramedics told the other one to get a blanket for Justin so that his body temperature would stay fairly warm.
hot, warming;
cosy, snug, comfortable, homely, mellow
informal comfy, toasty, snuggly
balmy, summery, sultry, hot, mild, temperate, pleasant, agreeable;
sunny, bright, fine
heated, tepid, lukewarm;
French chambré
1.1(Of clothes or coverings) made of a material that helps the body to retain heat: a warm winter coat
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  • Other slaves ‘even learned to dye the wool so that we could have warm clothes in the winter’.
  • The dark blue sweater was still warm from Jim's body heat and felt good against the night's chill.
  • Kea stood behind Gin as she sorted through her clothes to find a warm jacket.
thick, chunky, thermal, winter, woolly
1.2(Of a soil) quick to absorb heat or retaining heat.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Other species of bulbs are perfectly suited for the open, sunny habitat and dry, warm soil of rock gardens.
  • Mulching once the soil is warm is very useful in conserving soil moisture.
  • With my warm soil, the peas grew well, even under thick mulches of newspapers weighted down by horse bedding.
2Having or showing enthusiasm, affection, or kindness: they exchanged warm, friendly smiles a warm welcome
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  • On behalf of himself and his family who received such a warm welcome, your kindness and generosity will be gratefully remembered.
  • They said they were overwhelmed by the warm welcome and kindness received from local people.
  • It is one of the most homely places in town where a warm welcome and friendly smile awaits all visitors.
friendly, comradely, affable, amiable, genial, cordial, kindly, kind, pleasant, sympathetic, affectionate, warm-hearted, good-natured, loving, tender, fond;
welcoming, hospitable, liberal;
caring, benevolent, benign, fatherly, motherly, paternal, maternal, comforting, charitable, solicitous;
sincere, genuine, earnest, wholehearted, heartfelt, enthusiastic, eager, hearty
2.1 archaic Characterized by lively or heated disagreement: a warm debate arose
2.2 archaic Sexually explicit or titillating: if there is anything a little too warm in the play, it can easily be left out
3(Of a colour) containing red, yellow, or orange tones: her fair colouring suited soft, warm shades
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  • The walls, adjustable lighting and curtains are all in warm colour tones to ease anxiety.
  • There are also a range of hybrids in warm yellow and orange tones.
  • In the midst of winter, nature provides us with warm colours of orange and reds to give the impression of warmth.
4(Of a scent or trail) fresh; strong.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Try orange or clove to get a rich, warm scent and lavender for a light, fresh, spring-like aroma.
  • I smell the warm aroma of delicious fresh dung seeping through the heap.
  • The flavour varies according to species or cultivar, but is generally of a sharp and bittersweet taste with a strong and warm aroma.
4.1 [predicative] informal (Especially in children’s games) close to discovering something or guessing the correct answer: we’re getting warmer, sir
close, near, about to make a discovery, on the brink of making a discovery
informal hot


1Make or become warm: [with object]: I stamped my feet to warm them up figurative the film warmed our hearts [no object]: it’s a bit chilly in here, but it’ll soon warm up
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  • As the oceans and ground warm up, they warm the air next to them, and this air warms the air a little higher up and so on.
  • But all that aside, I think this film warmed my heart more than anything I've seen in a long time.
  • As it stands, it's a flawed but still engaging film that should warm the hearts of more adventurous filmgoers.
heat (up), make/become warm, make/become hot, raise the temperature of, increase in temperature, thaw (out), melt, take the chill off;
reheat, cook;
North American  warm over
informal hot (up), zap
1.1 [with object] informal Spank (someone’s buttocks): I’ll warm your bum if you don’t come here this instant


1 (the warm) A warm place or area: stay in the warm, I’ve made up the fire for you
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  • Apart from a quick dash in the morning to put the trash out by the gate and another this evening to grab beer from the fridge in the garage, we stayed home in the warm.
  • Harry and Dolly seemed perfectly happy to stay home in the warm.
  • All I really wanted to do was stay at home in the warm!
1.1 [in singular] An act of warming something or oneself: he had a cup of tea and a warm by the kitchen range
2 short for British warm.



warm fuzzy (or warm and fuzzy)

informal, chiefly US Used to refer to a sentimentally emotional response or something designed to evoke such a response: babies require a lot of attention, not just momentary warm fuzzies
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  • It's the usual questionnaire which invites the interviewee to give many negative responses without ever actually asking why you aren't warm and fuzzy.
  • The company's putting on a nice public face, but the degree of insider sales by senior officers does not make one feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Yeah, you can send care packages and put yellow ribbon magnets on your car to make you feel all warm and fuzzy that you're doing your own small part.

(as) warm as toast

Pleasantly warm.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The sun is beating down and it's warm as toast.
  • In a few minutes the inside of the car would be as warm as toast.
  • That night we slept like logs, warm as toast in our luxury tent in a campsite we'd found on the bank of the river Vedder.

Verbos con partícula


warm down

Recover from strenuous physical exertion by doing gentle stretches and exercises: warm down for twenty to twenty-five minutes
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  • Basically adequate warm up, warm down, stretching, correct training, good diet and when possible, correcting bio mechanical problems are the best buffers against injuries.
  • You can warm down physically by walking around or doing lighter (using less energy) exercises.
  • An adequate warm up, the selection of safe exercises and movement patterns, regular monitoring of body alignment and exercise intensity, and an appropriate warm down are important.

warm to/towards (or North American warm up to/towards)

Begin to like (someone): Ali immediately warmed to him
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  • They break down in the desert, begin to warm to each other and then realise that they might not hate each other after all.
  • It took a couple of days, but they are beginning to warm to us being around.
  • He can be an important player for this club and the fans are now beginning to warm to him.
like, take to, get on (well) with, feel a fondness for, feel attracted to, feel well disposed towards, hit it off with, be on good terms with, feel sympathetic to
2.1Become more interested in or enthusiastic about (something): she was warming to her theme
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  • Jowell warms to her theme: by simply treating voters as consumers, ‘we will miss the opportunity to build a better kind of society’.
  • She warms to her theme of the idiosyncrasies of the Loach method.
  • Though Nora is at first reluctant about going away for the holidays, she soon warms to the idea.
become enthusiastic about, become supportive of, become excited about/over, become animated over/about

warm up

Prepare for physical exertion or a performance by exercising or practising gently beforehand: the band were warming up
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  • Next, students practice warming up exercises in unison.
  • It is important that you warm up gently before you start any exercises and do not strain at all.
  • Be sure to warm up and stretch before exercising.
limber up, loosen up, stretch, work out, exercise, get into condition, get into shape, practise, prepare, get ready;
3.1(Of an engine or electrical appliance) reach a temperature high enough to allow it to operate efficiently: the television takes a while to warm up
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  • By this time the truck's engine has warmed up enough to allow a shift up into second gear, then third and finally fourth - or top gear.
  • This allows the engine to warm up faster, cutting exhaust emissions, and reduces fuel consumption by about 3 percent because it is not geared to the engine.
  • Check that the tyre pressures are correct, the brakes are in good working order and that the engine warms up as quickly as possible.
3.2Become livelier or more animated: after several more rounds, things began to warm up in the bar

warm something up (or US over)

1Reheat previously cooked food: can you warm the soup up for me?
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  • Add the remaining chickpeas, and warm the soup over medium heat.
  • Make the sponge by warming the milk over low heat in a small saucepan until it's tepid.
  • In a small saucepan, warm the oil over low heat.
2Entertain an audience so as to make them more receptive to the main act: on stage, Miles was warming up the crowd
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  • So Dalrymple warmed the audience up at the Oxford-Bookstore Gallery with a few Comic Anecdotes.
  • Without a studio audience to warm things up, Vaughan's attempts to jolly things along fall flat to the sounds of nervous giggles from the crew.
  • The host for the evening, MC Silky was great, making everyone feel welcome and relaxed, playing silly songs on his guitar and telling good jokes to warm the audience up.
enliven, liven (up), stimulate, animate, rouse, put some life into, stir (up), move, excite, cheer up
informal get going



Pronunciación: /ˈwɔːmɪʃ/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • I splashed along in the warmish Tasman Sea and just let the sea breeze blow through my soul for a while. Very healing.
  • It's a bad time to visit unless you enjoy the pyrotechnics of lightning and floods of warmish soupy rain, plus the constant threat of demonic cyclones.
  • A time of heavy coins and horse manure, warmish beer, a scandalous flash of ankle.


Pronunciación: /ˈwɔːmnəs/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • These discriminations account for the intangible awareness of mood, and they define the greenness of green and the warmness of warmth.
  • Physically and mentally exhausted, I sat down in the sand, the warmness comforting me.
  • The warmness started in my chest and flowed right down to my toes.


Old English wearm (adjective), werman, wearmian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German warm, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin formus 'warm' and Greek thermos 'hot'.

  • Warm is an Old English word but can be traced right back to a root that was also the source of Greek thermos ‘hot’, which gave us thermometer (mid 17th century), thermostat (mid 19th century), and the Thermos flask (early 20th century). Cold hands, warm heart is a proverb first found in the early 20th century.

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conform, corm, dorm, form, forme, haulm, lukewarm, Maugham, misinform, norm, outperform, perform, shawm, storm, swarm, transform, underperform

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