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Sinónimos de cheat en inglés:


  • 1 customers were cheated
    informal rip off, con, fleece, shaft, hose, sting, bilk, diddle, rook, gyp, finagle, bamboozle, flimflam, put one over on, pull a fast one on, sucker, stiff, hornswoggle
    formal mulct
    literary cozen
  • 2 the boy cheated death
    avoid, escape, evade, elude;
    foil, frustrate, thwart
  • 3 it's not the first time her husband has cheated
    commit adultery, be unfaithful, stray
    informal two-time, play around
    archaic cuckold
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  • 1 a liar and a cheat
    informal con man, con artist, scam artist, shark, sharper, phony, flimflammer, bunco artist
    dated confidence man/woman
  • Observaciones


    A delightfully piratical word for cheat or dupe or trick. If Gilbert and Sullivan never used it, they should have.
    Jean Strouse
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