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Sinónimos de concern en inglés:


  • 1 the report concerns the war
    be about, deal with, have to do with, cover;
    discuss, go into, examine, study, review, analyze;
    relate to, pertain to
  • 2 that doesn't concern you
    affect, involve, be relevant to, apply to, have a bearing on, impact on;
    be important to, interest
  • 3 I won't concern myself with your affairs
    involve oneself in, take an interest in, busy oneself with, devote one's time to, bother oneself with
  • 4 one thing still concerns me
    worry, disturb, trouble, bother, perturb, unsettle, make anxious
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  • 1 a voice full of concern
    [Antónimos] peace of mind
  • 2 his concern for others
    solicitude, consideration, care, sympathy, regard
    [Antónimos] indifference
  • 3 housing is the concern of the council
    responsibility, business, affair, charge, duty, job;
    province, preserve;
    problem, worry
    informal bag, bailiwick
  • 4 issues that are of concern to women
    interest, importance, relevance, significance
  • 5 Aboriginal concerns
    affair, issue, matter, question, consideration
  • 6 a publishing concern
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