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Sinónimos de flat en inglés:


  • 1 a flat surface
    smooth, even, uniform, regular, plane
    [Antónimos] vertical, uneven
  • 2 the sea was flat
    calm, still, pacific, tranquil, glassy, undisturbed, without waves, like a millpond
    [Antónimos] choppy
  • 3 a flat wooden box
    shallow, low-sided
    [Antónimos] deep
  • 4 flat sandals
    low, low-heeled, without heels
  • 5 the teacher's flat voice
    [Antónimos] exciting, emotional
  • 6 he felt too flat to get out of bed
    without energy, enervated, sapped, weary, tired out, worn out, exhausted, drained
    [Antónimos] cheerful, energized
  • 7 the market was flat
    [Antónimos] busy
  • 8 a flat tire
    deflated, punctured, burst
    [Antónimos] inflated
  • 9 a flat fee
    fixed, set, regular, unchanging, unvarying, invariable
  • 10 a flat denial
    outright, direct, absolute, definite, positive, straight, plain, explicit;
    firm, resolute, adamant, assertive, emphatic, categorical, unconditional, unqualified, unequivocal
  • adverbio

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  • 1 she lay down flat on the floor
    stretched out, outstretched, spread-eagle, sprawling, prone, supine, prostrate, recumbent
  • 2 informal she turned me down flat
    outright, absolutely, firmly, resolutely, adamantly, emphatically, insistently, categorically, unconditionally, unequivocally
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 (flats) they race their bikes across the flats
    tidal flats, mud flats, tideland, intertidal area
  • Frases

    flat out
    I'd been working flat out
    hard, as hard as possible, for all one's worth, to the limit, all out;
    at full speed, as fast as possible, at full tilt, full bore, full throttle, in high gear
    informal like crazy, like mad, like the wind, firing on all cylinders, like a bat out of hell
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