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Sinónimos de flaunt en inglés:


  • 1 he flaunts his young wife as if she were the prize heifer at the county fair
    show off, display ostentatiously, make a (great) show of, put on show/display, parade;
    brag about, crow about, vaunt
    informal flash
  • Escoger la palabra correcta

    flaunt, flout
    Flaunt and flout may sound similar but they have different meanings. Flaunt means ‘display ostentatiously,’ as in tourists who liked to flaunt their wealth, while flout means ‘openly disregard (a rule or convention),’ as in new recruits growing their hair and flouting convention. It is a common error, recorded since around the 1940s, to use flaunt when flout is intended, as in the young woman had been flaunting the rules and regulations
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