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Sinónimos de freeze en inglés:


  • 1 the stream had frozen
    ice over, ice up, solidify
    [Antónimos] thaw, melt
  • 2 my fingers froze
    become frozen, become frostbitten
    [Antónimos] thaw, warm up
  • 3 the campers stifled in summer and froze in winter
    be very cold, be numb with cold, turn blue with cold, shiver, be chilled to the bone/marrow
    [Antónimos] overheat
  • 4 she froze in horror
    stop dead, stop in one's tracks, stop, stand (stock) still, go rigid, become motionless, become paralyzed
    [Antónimos] run away
  • 5 the price of gasoline was frozen
    fix, hold, peg, set;
    limit, restrict, cap, confine, regulate;
    hold/keep down
    [Antónimos] change
  • Frases

    freeze out
    informal she was frozen out by her husband's relatives
    exclude, leave out, shut out, cut out, ignore, ostracize, spurn, snub, shun, turn one's back on, cold-shoulder, give someone the cold shoulder, leave out in the cold
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