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Sinónimos de grade en inglés:


  • 1 a higher grade of steel
  • 2 his job is of the lowest grade
  • 3 she got the best grades in the class
    assessment, evaluation, appraisal
  • 4 he's in grade 5
  • 5 a steep grade See gradient
  • verbo

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  • 1 eggs are graded by size
    classify, class, categorize, bracket, sort, group, arrange, pigeonhole;
    rank, evaluate, rate, value
  • 2 the essays have been graded
    score, mark, assess, judge, evaluate, appraise
  • 3 the colors grade into one another
    blend, shade, merge, pass
  • Frases

    make the grade
    informal he lacked the experience to make the grade
    qualify, be up to scratch, come up to standard, pass, pass muster, measure up;
    succeed, win through
    informal be up to snuff, cut it, cut the mustard
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