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Sinónimos de grip en inglés:


  • 1 she gripped the edge of the table
    grasp, clutch, hold, clasp, take hold of, clench, grab, seize, cling to;
    informal glom on to
    [Antónimos] release, hold lightly
  • 2 Harry was gripped by a sneezing fit
    afflict, affect, take over, beset, rack, convulse
  • 3 we were gripped by the drama
    engross, enthrall, absorb, rivet, spellbind, hold spellbound, bewitch, fascinate, hold, mesmerize, enrapture;
    [Antónimos] bore, repel
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 a tight grip
  • 2 the wheels lost their grip on the road
    traction, purchase, friction, adhesion, resistance
  • 3 he was in the grip of an obsession
    control, power, hold, stranglehold, chokehold, clutches, command, mastery, influence
  • 4 I had a pretty good grip on the situation
    understanding of, comprehension of, grasp of, command of, perception of, awareness of, apprehension of, conception of
    formal cognizance of
  • 5 a leather grip
    travel bag, traveling bag, suitcase, bag, overnight bag, flight bag
  • Frases

    come to grips with
    you need to come to grips with the divorce
    deal with, cope with, handle, grasp, tackle, undertake, take on, grapple with, face, face up to, confront
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