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Sinónimos de group en inglés:


  • 1 the exhibits were divided into three distinct groups
    grade, grading, rank, status
  • 2 a group of tourists
    crowd, party, body, band, company, gathering, congregation, assembly, collection, cluster, flock, pack, troop, gang
    informal bunch, pile
  • 3 a coup attempt by a group within the legislature
    faction, division, section, clique, coterie, circle, set, ring, camp, bloc, caucus, cabal, fringe movement, splinter group
  • 4 the women's group
    association, club, society, league, guild, circle, union, sorority, fraternity
  • 5 a small group of trees
    cluster, knot, collection, mass, clump
  • 6 a local singing group
    informal combo, outfit
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  • 1 patients were grouped according to their symptoms
    categorize, classify, class, catalog, sort, bracket, pigeonhole, grade, rate, rank;
  • 2 extra chairs were grouped around the table
    place, arrange, assemble, organize, range, line up, dispose
  • 3 the two parties grouped together
    unite, join together/up, team up, gang up, join forces, get together, ally, form an alliance, affiliate, combine, marry, merge, pool resources;
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