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Sinónimos de hang en inglés:


  • 1 lights hung from the trees
    be suspended, dangle, hang down, be pendent, swing, sway
  • 2 hang the pictures at eye level
    put up, fix, attach, affix, fasten, post, display, suspend, pin up, nail up
  • 3 the room was hung with streamers
    decorate, adorn, drape, festoon, deck out, trick out, bedeck, array, garland, swathe, cover, ornament
  • 4 he was hanged for murder
    string up, send to the gallows
  • 5 a pall of smoke hung over the city
  • Uso

    hang, hanged, hung

    In modern English, hang has two past tense and past participle forms: hanged and hung. Hung is the normal form in most general uses ( they hung out the wash; she hung around for a few minutes; he had hung the picture over the fireplace), but hanged is the form normally used in reference to execution by hanging ( she was hanged as a witch in April 1621)


    hang around

  • 1.1 they spent their time hanging around in bars
    loiter, linger, wait around, waste time, kill time, mark time, while away the/one's time, cool one's heels, twiddle one's thumbs;
    frequent, be a regular visitor to, haunt
    informalhang out in
  • 2.1 she's hanging around with a gang of marketing types
    associate, mix, keep company, socialize, fraternize, consort, rub elbows
    informalhang out, run around, be thick, hobnob
  • hang on

  • 1.1 he hung on to her coat
    hold on to, hold fast to, grip, clutch, grasp, hold tightly to, cling to
  • 2.1 her future hung on their decision
    depend on, be dependent on, turn on, hinge on, rest on, be contingent on, be determined by, be decided by
  • 3.1 I'll hang on as long as I can
    persevere, hold out, hold on, go on, carry on, keep on, keep going, keep at it, continue, persist, stay with it, struggle on, plod on
    informalsoldier on, stick to/at it, stick it out, hang in there
  • 4.1 informal hang on, let me think
    wait, wait a minute, wait a second, hold on, stop;
    hold the line/phone
    informalhold your horses, sit tight, wait a sec
  • hang over someone

    the threat of budget cuts is hanging over us
    be imminent, threaten, be close, be impending, impend, loom, be on the horizon

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