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Sinónimos de home en inglés:


  • 1 they fled their homes
    residence, place of residence, house, apartment, flat, bungalow, cottage;
    accommodations, property, quarters, rooms, lodgings;
    a roof over one's head;
    informal pad, digs
    hearth, nest
  • 2 an Italian stonemason far from his home See homeland
  • 3 a home for the elderly
    children's home;
    hospice, shelter, refuge, retreat, asylum, hostel, halfway house
  • 4 the home of fine wines
    origin, source, cradle, fount, fountainhead
  • adjetivo

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  • 1 the home market
    domestic, internal, local, national, interior
    [Antónimos] foreign, international
  • 2 home movies the sale of home produce
    homemade, homegrown, family
  • Frases

    at home
  • 1.1 I was at home all day
    in, in one's house, present, available, indoors, inside, here
  • 2.1 she felt very much at home
    at ease, comfortable, relaxed, content;
    in one's element, on one's own turf
  • 3.1 he is at home with mathematics
    confident with, conversant with, proficient in;
    used to, familiar with, au fait with, au courant with, skilled in, experienced in, well versed in
  • bring home to someone
    Sylvia's overdose brought home to them the fragility of their own lives
    make someone realize, make someone understand, make someone aware, make clear to someone;
    drive home to someone, impress upon someone, draw attention to, focus attention on, underline, highlight, spotlight, emphasize, stress
    informal clue someone in to
    hit home
    See hit home at hit
    home free
    when the inspector at the third checkpoint nodded at Mitchell, I knew we were home free I passed the final flag with so much stamina that I knew I was home free
    safe, secure, out of danger, off the hook;
    assured of success, the winner, victorious
    informal golden
    home in on
    the reporters immediately wanted to home in on his broken engagement
    focus on, concentrate on, zero in on, center on, fix on;
    highlight, spotlight, target, underline, pinpoint, track, zoom in on
    nothing to write home about
    informal the amusement park was enjoyable enough, but nothing to write home about
    unexceptional, mediocre, ordinary, commonplace, indifferent, average, middle-of-the-road, run-of-the-mill, garden variety;
    boring, mundane, humdrum, ho-hum;
    informal OK, so-so, 'comme ci, comme ça', plain-vanilla, no great shakes, not so hot
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