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  • 1 a loose floorboard
    not fixed in place, not secure, unsecured, unattached; detached, unfastened, untied; wobbly, unsteady, movable
    [Antónimos] secure tight
  • 2 she wore her hair loose
    untied, unpinned, unbound, hanging free, down, flowing
  • 3 there's a wolf loose
    free, at large, at liberty, on the loose, escaped; unconfined, untied, unchained, untethered, stray
    [Antónimos] secure
  • 4 a loose interpretation
    [Antónimos] literal narrow
  • 5 a loose jacket
    baggy, generously cut, slack, roomy; oversized, shapeless, sagging, saggy, sloppy; unwaisted
    [Antónimos] tight form-fitting
  • 6 dated a loose woman
    promiscuous, of easy virtue, fast, wanton, unchaste, immoral; licentious, dissolute
    dated fallen
    [Antónimos] chaste
  • 7 loose talk
    indiscreet, unguarded, free, gossipy, gossiping
    [Antónimos] discreet guarded
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  • 1 loose the dogs
    free, set free, unloose, turn loose, set loose, let loose, let go, release; untie, unchain, unfasten, unleash
    [Antónimos] confine
  • 2 the fingers loosed their hold
    relax, slacken, loosen; weaken, lessen, reduce, diminish, moderate
    [Antónimos] tighten
  • Uso

    loose, lose

    The adjective loose, meaning ‘not tight,’ should not be confused with the verb loose, which means ‘let go’: they loosed the reins and let the horse gallop. This verb in turn should not be confused with the verb lose, which means ‘be deprived of, fail to keep’: I will lose my keys if I don't mend the hole in my pocket


    at loose ends

    ever since the factory closed, Don has been at loose endswith nothing to dounoccupiedunemployedat leisureidleadriftwith time to killboredtwiddling one's thumbshanging/kicking around

    on the loose

    an inmate from Wickham Hall is on the loosefreeat libertyat largeescapedon the runfugitivewanted informalon the lam

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