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Sinónimos de majority en inglés:


  • 1 the majority of cases
    larger part/number, greater part/number, best/better part, most, more than half;
    plurality, bulk, mass, weight, (main) body, preponderance, predominance, generality, lion's share
    [Antónimos] minority
  • 2 a majority in the election
    (winning) margin, superiority of numbers/votes;
  • 3 my youngest child has reached majority
    legal age, adulthood, manhood/womanhood, maturity;
    age of consent, coming of age
  • Uso

    majority, plurality

    1 Strictly speaking, majority should be used with countable nouns to mean ‘the greater number’: the majority of cases. The use of majority with uncountable nouns to mean ‘the greatest part’ ( I spent the majority of the day reading), although common in informal contexts, is not considered good standard English.2 Majority means more than half: fifty-one out of a hundred is a majority. A plurality is the largest number among three or more. Consider the following scenarios: If Anne received 50 votes, Barry received 30, and Carlos received 20, then Anne received a plurality, and no candidate won a majority. If Anne got 35 votes, Barry 14, and Carlos 51, then Carlos won both the plurality and the majority
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