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Sinónimos de OK en inglés:


  • 1 OK, I'll go with him
    all right, right, very well, very good, fine, fair enough
    informal okey-doke, okey-dokey
    [Antónimos] no way
  • adjetivo

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  • 1 the movie was okay
    [Antónimos] unsatisfactory, unacceptable
  • 2 Jo's feeling OK now
    fine, all right, well, in good shape, in good health, fit, healthy, up to snuff
    informal as fit as a fiddle, in the pink, as right as rain, hunky-dory
    [Antónimos] ill, unwell
  • 3 is it OK for me to come?
    permissible, allowable, acceptable, all right, in order, permitted, fitting, suitable, appropriate, fine
    informal kosher
  • adverbio

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  • 1 everything seems to be going okay
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 he's just given me his OK we have to wait for the OK
    authorization, approval, (the) seal of approval, agreement, consent, assent, permission, endorsement, ratification, sanction, approbation, confirmation, (the) blessing, leave
    informal (the) go-ahead, (the) green light, (the) thumbs up, (the) say-so
    [Antónimos] refusal
  • verbo

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  • 1 the move must be okayed by the president
    authorize, approve, agree to, consent to, sanction, pass, ratify, endorse, allow, give something the nod, rubber-stamp
    informal give the go-ahead, give the green light, give the thumbs up
    formal accede to
    [Antónimos] refuse, veto
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