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  • 1 a pit in the ground
    hole, ditch, trench, trough, hollow, excavation, cavity, crater, pothole; shaft, mineshaft, sump
  • 2 pit closures
  • 3 the pits in her skin
    pockmark, pock, hollow, indentation, depression, dent, dimple
  • verbo

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  • 1 his skin had been pitted by acne
    mark, pockmark, scar, blemish, disfigure
  • 2 raindrops pitted the bare earth
    make holes in, make hollows in, dent, indent
  • Frases

    pit against

    it's your chance to pit your wits against the world championsset againstmatch againstput in opposition toput in competition withcompete withcontend withvie withwrestle with

    the pits

    informal this place is really the pitshellthe worstthe lowest of the lowa nightmarerock-bottomextremely badawfulterribledreadfuldeplorable informalappallinglousyabysmal

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