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point 1


  • 1 the point of a needle
    tip, (sharp) end, extremity;
    prong, spike, tine, nib, barb
  • 2 points of light
    pinpoint, dot, spot, speck, fleck
  • 3 a meeting point
  • 4 this point in her life
  • 5 the tension had reached such a high point
    level, degree, stage, pitch, extent
  • 6 an important point
    detail, item, fact, thing, argument, consideration, factor, element;
  • 7 get to the point
    heart of the matter, most important part, essence, nub, keynote, core, pith, crux;
    meaning, significance, gist, substance, thrust, bottom line, burden, relevance
    informal brass tacks, nitty-gritty
  • 8 what's the point of this?
    purpose, aim, object, objective, goal, intention;
    use, sense, value, advantage
  • 9 he had his good points
  • verbo

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  • 1 she pointed the gun at him
    aim, direct, level, train
  • 2 the evidence pointed to his guilt
    indicate, suggest, evidence, signal, signify, denote, bespeak, reveal, manifest
  • Frases

    beside the point
    those accusations are beside the point
    irrelevant, immaterial, unimportant, neither here nor there, inconsequential, incidental, out of place, unconnected, peripheral, tangential, extraneous;
    in point of fact
    in point of fact, all three of these gentlemen have immaculate service records
    make a point of
    she made a point of letting us know she was recently divorced
    make an effort to, go out of one's way to, put emphasis on
    on the point of
    we were on the point of quitting, but something kept us going
    (just) about to (be), on the verge of, on the brink of, going to (be), all set to (be)
    point of view
    we have different points of view
    opinion, view, belief, attitude, feeling, sentiment, thoughts;
    point out
    the flaws in the plan have already been pointed out
    identify, show, designate, draw attention to, indicate, specify, detail, mention
    point up
    it's as if he deliberately points up every negative aspect of our work
    emphasize, highlight, draw attention to, accentuate, underline, spotlight, foreground, put emphasis on, stress, play up, accent, bring to the fore
    to the point
    his observations were concise and to the point
    formal ad rem
    up to a point
    I agree with you, but only up to a point
    partly, to some extent, to a certain degree, in part, somewhat, partially
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    Sinónimos de point en inglés:

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    point 2


  • 1 the ship rounded the point
    promontory, headland, foreland, cape, spit, peninsula, bluff, ness, horn
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