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Sinónimos de position en inglés:


  • 1 the aircraft's position
    whereabouts, bearings, orientation
    technical locus
  • 2 a standing position
  • 3 our financial position
    situation, state, condition, circumstances;
    predicament, plight, strait(s)
  • 4 the two parties jockeyed for position
    advantage, the upper hand, the edge, the whip hand, primacy
    informal the catbird seat
  • 5 their position in society
    stature, prestige, influence, reputation, importance, consequence, class
    dated station
  • 7 the government's position on the matter
    viewpoint, opinion, outlook, attitude, stand, standpoint, stance, perspective, approach, slant, thinking, policy, feelings
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  • 1 he positioned a chair between them
    put, place, locate, situate, set, site, stand, station;
    plant, stick, install;
    arrange, dispose
    informal park
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