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Sinónimos de resist en inglés:


  • 1 built to resist cold winters
    withstand, be proof against, combat, weather, endure, be resistant to, keep out
    [Antónimos] be harmed by, be susceptible to
  • 2 they resisted his attempts to change things
    oppose, fight against, refuse to accept, object to, defy, set one's face against, kick against;
    obstruct, impede, hinder, block, thwart, frustrate
    [Antónimos] welcome, accept
  • 3 I resisted the urge to retort
    refrain from, abstain from, forbear from, desist from, not give in to, restrain oneself from, stop oneself from
    [Antónimos] succumb to, give in to
  • 4 she tried to resist him
    struggle with/against, fight (against), stand up to, withstand, hold off;
    fend off, ward off
    [Antónimos] yield to, submit to
  • Frases

    cannot resist
    I cannot resist a challenge
    love, adore, relish, have a weakness for, be very keen on, like, delight in, enjoy, take great pleasure in
    informal be mad about, get a kick/thrill out of, cannot help wanting
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