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Sinónimos de roll en inglés:


  • 1 the bottle rolled down the table
    turn round and round, go round and round, turn over and over, spin, rotate
  • 2 waiters rolled in the trolleys
    wheel, push, trundle
  • 3 we rolled past fields
    travel, go, move, pass, cruise, sweep
  • 4 the months rolled by
    pass, pass by, go by, slip by, fly by, elapse, wear on, march on
  • 5 tears rolled down her cheeks
    flow, run, course, stream, pour, spill, trickle
  • 6 the mist rolled in
    billow, undulate, tumble
  • 7 he rolled his handkerchief into a ball
    wind, coil, fold, curl;
  • 8 roll out the pastry
    flatten (out), level (out);
    even out
  • 9 they rolled about with laughter
  • 10 the ship began to roll
    lurch, toss, rock, pitch, plunge, sway, reel, list, keel
  • 11 thunder rolled
    rumble, reverberate, echo, resound, boom, roar, grumble
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  • 1 a roll of wallpaper
    cylinder, tube, scroll;
  • 2 a roll of film
    reel, spool
  • 3 a roll of $20 bills
    wad, bundle
  • 4 a roll of the dice
    throw, toss, turn, spin
  • 5 crusty rolls
    bread roll, bun, bagel, hoagie, kaiser roll
  • 6 the electoral roll
    list, register, directory, record, file, index, catalog, inventory, address book;
  • 7 a roll of thunder
    rumble, reverberation, echo, boom, clap, crack, roar, grumble
  • Frases

    roll in
  • 1.1 money has been rolling in
    pour in, flood in, flow in
  • 2.1 he rolled in at nine o'clock
  • rolling in it
    informal See rich (sense 1)
    roll something out
    she rolled out her towel
    unroll, spread out, unfurl, unfold, open (out), unwind, uncoil
    roll something up
    they rolled up the sleeping bags
    fold (up), furl, wind up, coil (up), bundle up
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