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Sinónimos de rush en inglés:


  • 1 she rushed home
    informal tear, belt, pelt, scoot, zip, whip, hotfoot it, leg it, bomb, hightail it
  • 2 water rushed along gutters
  • 3 the legislation was rushed through both houses
    push, hurry, hasten, speed, hustle, press, force
  • 4 the mob rushed the police
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 Tim made a rush for the exit
    dash, run, sprint, dart, bolt, charge, scramble, break
  • 2 the lunch rush
    hustle and bustle, commotion, hubbub, stir;
    busy time
  • 3 a last-minute rush for flights
    demand, clamor, call, request;
    run on
  • 4 he was in no rush to leave
    hurry, haste, urgency
  • 5 a rush of adrenaline
    surge, flow, flood, spurt, stream;
    thrill, flash
    informal charge, jolt, kick
  • 6 a rush of cold air
    gust, blast, draft
  • 7 I made a sudden rush at him
  • adjetivo

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  • 1 a rush job
    urgent, high-priority, emergency;
    hurried, hasty, fast, quick, swift
    informal hurry-up
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