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Sinónimos de say en inglés:


  • 1 she felt her stomach flutter as he said her name
    speak, utter, voice, pronounce, give voice to, vocalize
  • 2 “I must go,” she said
    declare, state, announce, remark, observe, mention, comment, note, add;
    reply, respond, answer, rejoin
    informal come out with
  • 3 Newall says he's innocent
    allege, profess
    formal opine, aver
  • 4 I can't conjure up the words to say how I feel
    express, put into words, phrase, articulate, communicate, make known, put/get across, convey, verbalize;
    reveal, divulge, impart, disclose;
    imply, suggest
  • 5 they sang hymns and said a prayer
    recite, repeat, utter, deliver, perform, declaim, orate
  • 6 the clock said one twenty
    indicate, show, read
  • 7 I'd say it's about five miles
    estimate, judge, guess, hazard a guess, predict, speculate, surmise, conjecture, venture
    informal reckon
  • 8 let's say you'd just won a million dollars
    suppose, assume, imagine, presume, hypothesize, postulate, posit
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 everyone is entitled to their say
    chance to speak, turn to speak, opinion, view, voice
    informal two cents, two cents' worth
  • 2 don't I have any say in the matter?
    influence, sway, weight, voice, input, share, part
  • Observaciones

    say, said

    While most writing can be improved by choosing strong and precise nouns, adjectives, and verbs, this isn't always so. When reading a novel's dialogue, we should be paying attention to what the characters say, and learn about their feelings through their words. But too many young authors overstress the verbal markers of back-and-forth speech. So we read Frank replied or Frank riposted or even Losing his temper, Frank violently expostulated. Much of the time a careful writer can set up the rhythm of a conversation so that it's always clear who's speaking and with what degree of passion. If more precise identification is needed, a simple Frank said will usually suffice, the weak and common verb scarcely intruding on the give-and-take on the page.
    Michael Dirda


    that is to say
    they're inquiring about Miss Leslie—that is to say, they want to know if she's safe and well
    in other words, to put it another way;
    to say the least
    his performance was disappointing to say the least
    to put it mildly, putting it mildly, without any exaggeration, at the very least
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