Sinónimos de scene en inglés:



  • 1 the scene of the accident
  • 2 the scene is Montreal, in the late 1890s
  • 3 terrible scenes of violence
    incident, event, episode, happening, moment
  • 4 an impressive mountain scene
    view, vista, outlook, panorama, sight; landscape, scenery; picture, tableau, spectacle
  • 5 she created a scene outside the bank
    fuss, exhibition of oneself, performance, tantrum, outburst, commotion, disturbance, upset, furor, brouhaha, row, contretemps
    informal song and dance, to-do
  • 6 the political scene sorry, fishing just isn't my scene
    arena, stage, sphere, world, milieu, realm, domain; area of interest, field, field of interest, specialty, province, preserve
    informal thing
  • 7 the last scene of the play
    subdivision, division, section, segment
  • 8 a scene from a Laurel and Hardy movie
    clip, section, segment, part, sequence
  • Frases

    behind the scenes

    informal discussions continued behind the scenessecretlyin secretprivatelyin privatebehind closed doorssurreptitiouslyoff the record informalon the quieton the QT formalsub rosa


    a behind-the-scenes romancesecretprivateclandestinesurreptitiousconfidential

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