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Sinónimos de shake en inglés:


  • 1 the whole building shook
  • 2 she shook the bottle
    jiggle, joggle, agitate
  • 3 he shook his stick at them
  • 4 the look in his eyes really shook her
    [Antónimos] soothe
  • 5 this will shake their confidence
    weaken, undermine, damage, impair, harm;
    reduce, diminish, decrease
    [Antónimos] strengthen
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 he gave his coat a shake
    jiggle, joggle
  • 2 a shake of his fist
    flourish, brandish, wave
  • 3 (shakes) it gives me the shakes
    informal DTs, jitters, the creeps, the shivers, willies, heebie-jeebies, the jim-jams
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    shake, quake, quiver, shiver, shudder, tremble
    Does a cool breeze make you shiver, quiver, shudder, or tremble? All of these verbs describe vibrating, wavering, or oscillating movements that, in living creatures, are often involuntary expressions of strain or discomfort. Shake, which refers to abrupt forward-and-backward, side-to-side, or up-and-down movements, is different from the others in that it can be done to a person or object as well as by a person or object ( shake visibly while lifting a heavy load; shake a can of paint). Tremble applies specifically to the slight and rapid shaking motion the human body makes when it is nervous, frightened, or uneasy ( his hands trembled when he picked up the phone). To shiver is to make a similar movement with the entire body, but the cause is usually cold or fear ( shiver in the draft from an open door). Quiver suggests a rapid and almost imperceptible vibration resulting from disturbed or irregular surface tension; it refers more often to things ( the leaves quivered in the breeze), although people may quiver when they're under emotional tension ( her lower lip quivered and her eyes were downcast). Shudder suggests a more intense shaking, usually in response to something horrible or revolting ( shudder at the thought of eating uncooked meat). Quake implies a violent upheaval or shaking, similar to what occurs during an earthquake ( the boy's heart quaked at his father's approach).


    in two shakes (of a lamb's tail)
    informal I'll be there in two shakes See in a moment at moment
    no great shakes
    informal that movie was no great shakes
    not very good, unexceptional, unmemorable, forgettable, uninspired, uninteresting, indifferent, unimpressive, lackluster
    informal nothing to write home about, nothing special
    shake a leg
    informal c'mon, Ruthie, shake a leg See hurry (sense 1 of the verb)
    shake off
  • 1.1 I think we shook off that cop
    get away from, escape, elude, dodge, lose, leave behind, get rid of, give someone the slip, throw off the scent
  • 2.1 she can't seem to shake off this virus
    recover from, get over;
    get rid of, free oneself from
  • shake up
  • 1.1 the accident shook him up See sense 4 of the verb
  • 2.1 plans to shake up the legal profession
    reorganize, restructure, revolutionize, alter, change, transform, reform, overhaul
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