Sinónimos de stiff en inglés:



  • 1 stiff cardboard
    rigid, hard, firm, inelastic, inflexible
    [Antónimos] flexible, plastic, limp
  • 2 a stiff paste
    semisolid, viscous, viscid, thick, stiffened, firm
    [Antónimos] runny
  • 3 I'm stiff all over
    aching, achy, painful;
    arthritic, rheumatic
    informal creaky, rusty
    [Antónimos] supple, limber
  • 4 a rather stiff manner
    formal, reserved, unfriendly, chilly, cold, frigid, icy, austere, wooden, forced, strained, stilted
    informal starchy, uptight, standoffish
    [Antónimos] relaxed, informal
  • 5 a stiff fine
    harsh, severe, heavy, crippling, punishing, stringent, drastic, draconian
    [Antónimos] lenient, mild
  • 6 stiff resistance
    vigorous, determined, full of determination, strong, spirited, resolute, tenacious, steely, four-square, unflagging, unyielding, dogged, stubborn, obdurate, rock-ribbed
    [Antónimos] halfhearted
  • 8 a stiff breeze
    strong, fresh, brisk
    [Antónimos] gentle
  • 9 a stiff drink
    strong, potent, alcoholic
    [Antónimos] weak
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