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Sinónimos de talk en inglés:


  • 1 I was talking to a friend
    speak, chat, chatter, gossip, prattle, babble, rattle on, blather
    informal yak, gab, jaw, chew the fat, natter, rap
  • 2 you're talking garbage
    utter, speak, say, voice, express, articulate, pronounce, verbalize, vocalize
  • 3 they were able to talk in peace
    negotiate, parley
    informal have a confab, chew the fat, rap
    formal confabulate
  • 4 he talked of suicide
    mention, refer to, speak about, discuss
  • 5 he learned to talk Cree
    speak (in), talk in, communicate in, converse in, express oneself in;
  • 6 nothing would make her talk
    confess, speak out, speak up, reveal all, tell tales, give the game away, open one's mouth
    informal come clean, blab, squeal, let the cat out of the bag, spill the beans, sing, rat
  • 7 the others will talk
    gossip, pass comment, make remarks;
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  • 1 he was bored with all this talk
    chatter, gossip, prattle, jabbering, babbling, gabbling
    informal yakking, gabbing, nattering
  • 2 she needed a talk with Jim
    informal confab, jaw, chitchat, gossip
    formal colloquy, confabulation
  • 3 (talks) peace talks
    negotiations, discussions;
    conference, summit, meeting, consultation, dialogue, symposium, seminar, conclave, parley;
    mediation, arbitration
    informal powwow
  • 4 she gave a talk on her travels
    informal spiel
  • 5 there was talk of a takeover
    news, report
  • 6 informal he's all talk
    boasting, bragging, idle talk, bombast, braggadocio
    informal hot air, mouth
  • 7 baby talk
    speech, language, slang, idiom, idiolect;
    informal lingo, -ese
  • Frases

    talk back to
    nobody talks back to Mr. Lynde
    answer back (to), be impertinent to, be cheeky to, be rude to;
    contradict, argue with, disagree with
    talk big
    talk down to
    he routinely talks down to women
    condescend to, patronize, look down one's nose at, put down
    talk someone into something
    don't even try to talk me into giving you another loan
    persuade into, argue into, cajole into, coax into, bring around to, inveigle into, wheedle into, sweet-talk into, prevail on someone to
    informal hustle into, fast-talk into
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