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Sinónimos de tight en inglés:


  • 1 a tight grip
    firm, fast, secure, fixed, clenched
    [Antónimos] relaxed
  • 2 the rope was tight
    taut, rigid, stiff, tense, stretched, strained
    [Antónimos] slack
  • 3 tight jeans
    [Antónimos] loose, baggy
  • 4 a tight mass of fibers
    compact, compacted, compressed, dense, solid
    [Antónimos] loose
  • 5 a tight space
    small, tiny, narrow, limited, restricted, confined, cramped, constricted, uncomfortable
    [Antónimos] roomy, generous
  • 6 tight control over the family's finances
    strict, rigorous, stringent, tough, rigid, firm, uncompromising
    [Antónimos] lax
  • 7 a tight schedule
    busy, rigorous, packed, nonstop
    [Antónimos] open
  • 8 he's in a tight spot
    difficult, tricky, delicate, awkward, problematic, worrying, precarious
    informal sticky
    [Antónimos] problem-free
  • 9 a tight piece of writing
    succinct, concise, pithy, incisive, crisp, condensed, well structured, clean, to the point
    [Antónimos] wordy, flowery
  • 10 a tight race
    close, even, evenly matched, well matched;
    [Antónimos] open
  • 11 money is tight these days
    limited, restricted, in short supply, scarce, depleted, diminished, low, inadequate, insufficient
    [Antónimos] plentiful, abundant
  • 12 she is tight with the big movie stars
    close, friendly, intimate, connected, close-knit, tight-knit, on good terms, buddy-buddy
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