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Sinónimos de transpire en inglés:


  • 1 it transpired that her family had moved away
    become known, emerge, come to light, be revealed, turn out, come out, be discovered, prove to be the case, unfold
  • 2 I'm going to find out exactly what transpired
  • Uso


    The common use of transpire to mean ‘occur, happen’ ( I'm going to find out exactly what transpired) is a loose extension of an earlier meaning, ‘come to be known’ ( it transpired that Mark had been baptized a Catholic). This loose sense of ‘happen,’ which is now more common in American usage than the sense of ‘come to be known,’ was first recorded in US English toward the end of the 18th century and has been listed in US dictionaries from the 19th century. It is often criticized as jargon, an unnecessarily long word used where occur or happen would do just as well

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    See happen
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