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Sinónimos de wave en inglés:


  • 1 he waved his flag in triumph
    brandish, shake, swish, move to and fro, move up and down, wag, sweep, swing, flourish, wield;
    flick, flutter
  • 2 the grass waved in the breeze
    ripple, flutter, undulate, stir, flap, sway, billow, shake, quiver, move
  • 3 the waiter waved them closer
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 she gave him a friendly wave
    gesture, gesticulation;
  • 2 he surfs the Malibu waves
    breaker, roller, comber, boomer, ripple, white horse, bore, big kahuna;
    (waves)swell, surf, froth;
  • 3 a wave of emigration
    flow, rush, surge, flood, stream, tide, deluge, spate
  • 4 a wave of self-pity
    surge, rush, stab, dart, upsurge, groundswell;
  • 5 his hair grew in thick waves
    curl, kink, corkscrew, twist, ringlet, coil
  • 6 electromagnetic waves
    ripple, vibration, oscillation
  • Frases

    make waves

    informal just be quiet and don't make waves
    cause trouble, be disruptive, be troublesome;
    make an impression, get noticed

    wave aside

    he waved aside her protest
    dismiss, reject, brush aside, shrug off, disregard, ignore, discount, play down

    wave down

    she had no luck waving down a cab
    flag down, hail, stop, summon, call, accost

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