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Christian Science

Silabificación: Chris·tian Sci·ence


The beliefs and practices of the Church of Christ Scientist, a Christian sect founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879. Members hold that only God and the mind have ultimate reality, and that sin and illness are illusions that can be overcome by prayer and faith.
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  • His critique extended to paranormal and religious claims, heaping scorn on Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, arguing that it was unlikely that Eddy was the sole author of Science and Health.
  • They were happy until 1918, she said, when her husband took up the study of Christian Science.
  • Phineas Parkhurst Quimby was one of the founders of what was then called New Thought or Mind Cure but which is more commonly known today as Christian Science.


Christian Scientist

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  • Furthermore, a large number of the women she discusses in detail are those who come from groups with strong religious convictions such as Christian Scientists, Amish, and charismatic Christians.
  • His parents were professionals, of Russian Jewish ancestry but born in the US, and devout Christian Scientists.
  • Sometimes the objections are religious, as among Christian Scientists and some Amish congregations.

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