Definición de abrupt en inglés:


Silabificación: ab·rupt
Pronunciación: /əˈbrəpt


1Sudden and unexpected: I was surprised by the abrupt change of subject our round of golf came to an abrupt end on the 13th hole
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  • I just think I've had too many sudden, abrupt, unexpected, and unwelcome changes in my plans to be able to commit to more plans in advance.
  • A completely unexpected and abrupt ending saw my jaw drop.
  • The fairy tale romance has come to an abrupt and totally unexpected end.
2Brief to the point of rudeness; curt: you were rather abrupt with that young man
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  • Having said that, I do not think I deserved the very abrupt and curt way in which I was treated by Mr Hutchinson on trying to explain the situation to him.
  • Deron's expression showed nothing, though I knew he must be surprised by the abrupt rudeness of it.
  • ‘They were quite abrupt and offhand,’ says Elliot, who is now 39.
curt, brusque, blunt, short, sharp, terse, crisp, gruff, rude, discourteous, uncivil, snappish, unceremonious, offhand, rough, harsh;
bluff, no-nonsense, to the point
informal snappy
2.1(Of a style of speech or writing) not flowing smoothly; disjointed.
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  • Jordan, unfortunately, compounds this weakness with an abrupt style.
  • The text breaks into the temple of Russian literature with its lively and trembling, shocking and abrupt style.
  • Despite her abrupt style winning her as many friends as it did enemies, there was no denying that she deserved to be there.
disjointed, jerky, uneven, disconnected, inelegant
3Steep; precipitous: the abrupt double peak of the mountain
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  • She glanced at it briefly, taking in the trembling peaks and abrupt cliffs and faces.
  • And then, the western flank of the Wasatch Mountains rises up, sheer and abrupt, to shock as much snow from the clouds as possible.
  • The result is an interplay between the pulsating red ground, the closer-hued biomorphic forms and the abrupt vertical black elements.
steep, sheer, precipitous, bluff, sharp, sudden;
perpendicular, vertical, dizzy, vertiginous


late 16th century: from Latin abruptus 'broken off, steep', past participle of abrumpere, from ab- 'away, from' + rumpere 'break'.



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  • Yet the lines of communication have been abruptly and unilaterally shut down.
  • Not only would consumer spending be reined in abruptly, but housing demand would take a big hit.
  • The mood shifts abruptly, as the next cut is to what appears to be a tender love scene.


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  • The notion that bureaucratic infighting and occasional abruptness of manner should disqualify one from high office is laughable.
  • The abruptness of the closure announcement has left them shocked and desperately searching for an alternative venue.
  • Although they had long feared for the future of their club, they were not prepared for the abruptness of the end.