Definición de amorphous en inglés:


Silabificación: a·mor·phous
Pronunciación: /əˈmôrfəs


1Without a clearly defined shape or form: amorphous blue forms and straight black lines
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  • Stretched along the umbrella's base, a large, pale gray, amorphous shape could be a shadow, a sack or a lifeless body.
  • Elsewhere, amorphous biological shapes remind you of transplant organs on life-support machines, or the literal ‘test-tube’ babies.
  • Her third work, a video performance, depicts him performing as an old man, whittling an amorphous shape.
1.1Vague; ill-organized; unclassifiable: make explicit the amorphous statements
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  • The idea that class is vague and amorphous, a shadow on the fog, is something you encounter only in newspaper series like this and in ninth-grade civics textbooks.
  • Never entirely blank, she represents something - a vague, amorphous wholesomeness that persists despite the stories of handcuffs in the luggage, the suspender-belted photos and the string of boyfriends.
  • I am all for agreement in a good cause - the process of Reconciliation for one, amorphous and vague though the project appears at times - but is the kind of national pride the Games brought about a good cause?
1.2(Of a group of people or an organization) lacking a clear structure or focus: an amorphous and leaderless legislature
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  • While this gives much-needed structure to the seemingly amorphous mass that was the British empire, it does require some patience to keep aloft the various intellectual spheres juggled by the author.
  • Generally, when people describe systemic sexism, they refer to an amorphous, unspoken structure in the workplace and an old boys' club dominating the corporate world.
  • Some of my favorite albums in recent memory used exotic instruments, indecipherable lyrics, and amorphous structures to create a sublime aura of the unreal.
1.3 Mineralogy & Chemistry (Of a solid) noncrystalline; having neither definite form nor apparent structure.
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  • Consequently, the formerly crystalline solid becomes amorphous.
  • If the solution is cooled quickly, the molecules are frozen where they are, forming a glass-like amorphous solid.
  • Silica exists in several crystalline forms, in a large number of colloidal forms, and as an amorphous solid.


mid 18th century: from modern Latin amorphus, from Greek amorphos 'shapeless' (from a- 'without' + morphē 'form') + -ous.



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  • Since the counter-cultural 1960s, the amorphously named postmodern dance has gone through at least three distinct phases and now probably doesn't exist at all except in replay.
  • A few watercolour-drawings are definitely erotic, but they're amorphously erotic.
  • I think that the use of the word ‘pagan’ to amorphously and collectively describe the various pre-Christian beliefs and religions of Europe is really dubious, especially when it occurs in television documentaries like this.


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  • I, unlike a lot of academics, am not bothered by the amorphousness and vagueness of spirituality.
  • In actual fact, what we have here are irremediably sick and futureless mass-men, whose ideal is amorphousness, whose ethos is formlessness and who hate nothing so much as discipline, form, definition.
  • However, the author argues that the informality and amorphousness of these networks makes it difficult to account for, and engage with, the formal (centralised and institutional) aspects of politics.