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Silabificación: arm


1Each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand: she held the baby in her arms
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  • It is also great for toning your upper body, arms and leg muscles.
  • It is a good idea to do some gentle jogging or brisk walking for ten minutes, followed by gentle stretches of the arms, legs and upper body.
  • The hands began to warm up and so did my legs but my arms and upper body were still very cold.
1.1(In technical use) each of the upper limbs from the shoulder to the elbow.
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  • Here the attacker grabs you low around the upper arms at elbow level or just above.
  • In the case of a sudden occurrence, the pain may be severe with the upper arm and the elbow involved.
  • A small scar extended over half of his wrist and other cuts and scrapes covered his upper arm and elbow.
1.2Each of the forelimbs of an animal.
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  • Asteroids usually have two gonads in each arm and a gonopore opening to the oral surface.
  • The ventral surface is exposed, along with a portion of the dorsal surface of the disk and part of one arm.
  • The nervous system consists of a nerve ring in the disc that sends out a radial nerve to each arm.
1.3A flexible limb of an invertebrate animal, e.g., an octopus.
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  • When hunting and grabbing dinner, the octopus uses all the flexibility the arm is capable of.
  • Here's a typical view of a tangle of octopus arms, all covered with circular suckers.
  • The food is transferred down the arms to the mouth by tube feet located on the pinnules and arms.
1.4A sleeve of a garment.
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  • He was still wearing a surf suit that day, though one with short sleeves at the arms and legs coming to his knees.
  • The shirt has the same pattern as the short sleeve shirts except for an additional pattern over the biceps and the elbow on both arms.
  • Stylish, comfortable and built for adventure, this long sleeve shirt comes with exclusive logos on the chest and the arm!
1.5An ability to throw a ball skillfully: he has a good arm
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  • He has the arm to make any throw, but it's his solid base that scouts have praised.
  • Maybe he'll use his explosive arm to throw out a runner and save a victory, as he did the second week.
  • Favre is a passer whose brilliance is based on a huge arm and a nifty ability to avoid the rush.
1.6An athlete with an ability to throw a ball skillfully: he wasn’t the best arm in the outfield, but his performance at the plate more than compensated
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  • So, the first order of business was to determine the best outfield arms of 2006.
  • Last year I developed a method for evaluating outfield arms.
  • A comparison with league average allows me to rate the outfielder's arm.
1.7Used to refer to the holding of a person’s arm in support or companionship: as they walked he offered her his arm he arrived with a pretty girl on his arm
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  • Back at the jetty I was offered an arm for support, but refused.
  • Ever the gentleman he offered her an arm for support and she accepted thankfully.
1.8Used to refer to something perceived as powerful or protective: the comforting arms of the church
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  • The little girl moved closer to her mother who instinctively put a protective arm around her, drawing her in closer.
  • Families dressed in black placed protective arms around one another as they waited for the first glimpse of their loved ones.
  • You want to put your protective arms around your child and make her whole again.
reach, power, authority, influence
2A thing resembling an arm in form or function, in particular.
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  • The completed machine could roam around and had a fully functional arm.
  • The bracket-like arms projected towards each other from opposite banks and served as spans of the bridge.
  • The shuttle does have an expensive robotic arm for working on its own exterior, but it has nowhere near the versatility of the ones most of us get for free.
2.1A side part of a chair or other seat on which a sitter’s arm can rest.
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  • Cole immediately threw the stand with the chess set and grabbed hold of the arms of Sara's seat.
  • I served them their drinks and promptly seated myself on the arm of the chair Ayden sat in.
  • He was sitting in the chair, with a pillow wedged between his right side and the arm of the chair.
2.2A narrow strip of water or land projecting from a larger body.
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  • The breach consisted of a 300-foot-long bridge-covered opening in the causeway near Lakeside, which allowed the rapid flow of south-arm water into the north arm.
  • Prior to the breach, the elevation of the south arm was over 3.5 feet higher than the north arm.
  • Shuswap Lake is shaped like an H and is made up of four large arms: the Shuswap Lake Main Arm, Salmon Arm, Anstey Arm, and Seymour Arm.
inlet, creek, cove, fjord, bay;
estuary, strait(s), sound, channel
2.3A large branch of a tree.
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  • The grave at the cemetery at Chingford is a corner plot, protected by the arms of an overhanging tree, and planted with roses.
  • Above the path, the long arms of an ancient tree reached upward to the sky.
2.4A long, narrow shape or object: a long arm of sunshine
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  • Its zigzag pattern reflects the jagged mountain shapes and mimics the arms of the sun.
  • The arms are bent into shape and fitted and the whole is finished off with file and emery paper.
  • Each brass arm has at its narrow end a sharp, upward-facing point.
3A branch or division of a company or organization: the political arm of the separatist group
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  • First, it is given direction by a political arm, or college, of Commissioners, but the college is unelected.
  • The RAC Foundation, the lobbying arm of the motoring organisation, is now calling for a rethink on speed cameras.
  • Less well-known is the work of The Big Issue Foundation, the charity arm of the organisation.
branch, section, department, division, wing, sector, detachment, offshoot, extension
3.1One of the types of troops of which an army is composed, such as infantry or artillery.
[also understood as a figurative use of arm2]
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  • The artillery arm has produced many great generals, most notably Napoleon.
  • Belief in the Army combined arms team is intuitive for all of us from the day that we enter the service.
  • Lee recognized the inherent weakness of this system and began to reorganize the artillery arm.
4 Mathematics Each of the lines enclosing an angle.
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  • One of the arms of angle [alpha] and one of the arms of angle [beta] are extended by the same amount.
  • The test line could be rotated as much as 11° clockwise or counterclockwise with respect to the relevant arm of the inducing angle.
  • In the first of these evaluations of angle perception, subjects were asked to rotate a test line until it appeared collinear with the indicated arm of the inducing angle.


Old English arm, earm, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch arm and German Arm.


arm in arm

(Of two or more people) with arms linked.
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  • Trace and I were linked arm in arm, waiting politely for some people to enter before we made our way out.
  • Eliza and Bernadette walked arm in arm into the two-story house they were residing in for the summer.
  • Seven decades on, they returned to the church to celebrate their platinum anniversary and once again walked down the aisle arm in arm.

the long arm of the law

Used to refer to the criminal justice system as far-reaching: act now before the long arm of the law catches up with you
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  • And if there is evidence, which merits prosecution and arrests, I believe that the long arm of the law should catch whoever has perpetuated such crimes.
  • They will not generally be expected to act as the strong arm of the law but they can very usefully serve as its eyes and ears.
  • ‘Without massive logistics, they cannot possibly maintain their shadowy network of cells and they cannot run from one hideout to another in a bid to outrun the long arm of the law,’ he noted.

as long as one's (or someone's) arm

informal Very long: I have a list of vices as long as your arm
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  • The business employs some 20 full and part-time people and there's a waiting list as long as your arm of young girls wanting to don the mob-cap on Saturdays and in school holidays.
  • There were many times that the police were forced to drag us away from our protests, and I probably would have had a criminal record as long as your arm if the magistrate hadn't been Cecil's brother.
  • The man elected chairman that opening night was a retired Brigadier with a pedigree as long as your arm, and a penchant for shouting orders at subordinates.

at arm's length

Away from the body, with the arm fully extended: I held the telephone at arm’s length
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  • After weeks and weeks of blurred vision and of holding books and paper at arm's length, the whole world, near and far, leapt into sharp focus once more.
  • You're wondering if there will be enough room even to hold your book at arm's length above shoulder level and squint at the small type on the train.
  • I give him a cheque, at arm's length, but can't find my guarantee card.

cost an arm and a leg

informal Be extremely expensive.
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  • ‘It costs an arm and a leg to keep this church going,’ she said, while noting, ‘The elderly worshipers have been very true to their offerings.’
  • Try living on that in London, where a cup of coffee costs an arm and a leg.
  • But this is one of Sweden's more traditional national sports, born out of long and deeply chilly winter evenings in a country where alcohol costs an arm and a leg.

get one's arms around

informal Fully understand an issue or situation: doctors are having difficulty getting their arms around these new findings

give one's right arm

informal Used to convey a strong desire to have or do something: I’d give my right arm to go with them
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  • If you are music-crazy, you would gladly give your right arm to own one such system.
  • Other European economies, struggling to contain their deficits, would give their right arm for such a surplus.
  • Most actors would give their right arm to have one successful character and I've had four.

into the arms of

Into the possession or control of: the violin passed into the arms of a wealthy dilettante
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  • All of which does nothing but drive young people away from golf - into the arms of more welcoming sports.
  • Told that he did not belong to the group, he was sent packing and eventually into the arms of the Americans.
  • The administration may well be driving the reformers into the arms of the hardliners.

keep someone/something at arm's length

Avoid intimacy or close contact with someone or something.
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  • McNealy has long fought to keep the government at arm's length from big business and says that too much intrusion could be enough to take the fun out of being a CEO.
  • He deliberately kept his sister at arm's length; what few real close friends he had you could probably count on one hand.
  • She said that they still talked, but she kept him at arm's length; they were not as close.

put the arm on

North American informal Attempt to force or coerce (someone) to do something: she started putting the arm on them for donations
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  • To be dubbed a Ranger or a Patriot used to mean that one had gone as far as one could go in putting the arm on business colleagues for individual donations, which were then grouped into eye-popping wads.
  • When Sam arrives to put the arm on Norman, it can be said that neither actor inhabits his role.

under one's arm

Between one’s arm and one’s body: Barbara tucked the papers under her arm
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  • You tuck the paper under your arm, and you're whistling when you walk through the front door.
  • A man clambers onto the streetcar after having bought the daily paper and tucking it under his arm.
  • He was carrying Jason and Jules' breakfast in a brown paper bag tucked under his arm.

with open arms

With great affection or enthusiasm: schools have welcomed such arrangements with open arms
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  • Stars support exiting team members and welcome new members with open arms and enthusiasm.
  • No, I will continue on this path, and I will go where it takes me with open arms and an open mind.
  • With their friendly disposition and infectious enthusiasm, the lads are welcomed with open arms by locals of all ages.

within arm's reach

Near enough to reach by extending one’s arm.
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  • And for obvious reasons, the country is full of guns - everyone does a stint of compulsory military service, so pretty much everyone in their early 20s is within arm's reach of a firearm at all times.
  • I never saw Claude Nougaro without a book within arm's reach, or carried in the little suitcase he took on tour.
  • In a hospital setting, the most extreme situations may call for a ‘sitter’ who will remain within arm's reach of the patient for the duration of the watch.



Pronunciación: /-ˌfo͝ol/
sustantivo (plural armfuls)
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  • So with an armful of parcels we staggered back to the station, tired but contented that most of the Christmas shopping was taken care of.
  • Bonnie returned shortly with an armful of bandage rolls and some padding.
  • Carrying an unwieldy armful of packages, Beth Durand turns around at the sound of her name.


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  • What is wrong introducing card games such as bridge or canastas into club cultures rather than addictive armless bandits?
  • The ‘get up and go test’ measures mobility and involves timed standing from an armless chair, walking fast for 10 yards, returning, and sitting down.
  • ‘Now, let me see,’ Jinn looked up at the directory boards and immediately one of the lead men rushed forward to set a pair of round armless glasses on Jinn's nose.

Hay 3 definiciones de arm en inglés:


Silabificación: arm


[with object]
1Supply or provide with weapons: both sides armed themselves with grenades and machine guns
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  • Derek, Richard and Wade didn't even have to have me tell them to start going to their rooms and begin arming themselves with body armour and other weapons.
  • Nor was it in dispute that he had armed himself with a CS gas canister before going out.
  • The complainant during the trial said that he had not armed himself with the knife and that the knife had been in the kitchen drawer.
1.1Supply or provide with equipment, tools, or other items in preparation or readiness for something: she armed them with brushes and mops
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  • On a typical Holi day, preparations begin by arming oneself with shades of brightly colored powder and water guns.
  • He claimed that we'd all be a lot safer if researchers would keep details about vulnerabilities to themselves, and stop arming hackers with offensive tools.
  • If I really want some chips, I pick up a single-size serving, and I steer clear of the vending machine, arming myself by preparing fruits and vegetables as snacks.
1.2Activate the fuse of (a bomb or other device) so that it is ready to explode.
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  • If these elements can convince the military to carry out a coup, they can surely convince them to arm the missiles.
  • He reached up and flicked a switch, arming his missiles.
  • The enrichment programme could be used to arm nuclear warheads.


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see arms.
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  • The first count charges him with carrying a belt and pocket pistol and revolver pistol, the same being an arm such as is not commonly carried and used in the United States army.
  • The Legislature has deemed it a proper prevention of crime to regulate the use of this arm by prohibiting the wearing of it or carrying it about the person.
  • This was a legitimate exercise of the power to regulate the wearing of the weapon, and is authorized by the Constitution, and does not interfere with the right of keeping the arm.


Middle English: from Old French armer (verb), from Latin armare, from arma 'armor, arms'.