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basic 1

División en sílabas: ba·sic
Pronunciación: /ˈbāsik/


1Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental: certain basic rules must be obeyed the laying down of arms is basic to the agreement
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  • Readers' support is no doubt very basic to the survival of any periodical.
  • Cheap labor and materials are basic to postwar industry and finances.
  • Access to information is basic to the democratic way of life.
fundamental, essential, primary, principal, cardinal, elementary, elemental, quintessential, intrinsic, central, pivotal, critical, key, focal;
vital, necessary, indispensable
1.1Offering or consisting in the minimum required without elaboration or luxury; simplest or lowest in level: basic and unsophisticated resorts the food was good, if a bit basic
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  • The following list is a minimum basic guide as to what you will need.
  • What are the basic minimum requirements for one to set up a restaurant and do these so called restaurants meet the standards?
  • Forest dwelling hunter-gatherer communities are never very large, but they need a basic minimum area for subsistence.
plain, simple, unsophisticated, straightforward, adequate;
unadorned, undecorated, unornamented, without frills;
spartan, stark, severe, austere, limited, meager, rudimentary, patchy, sketchy, minimal;
unfussy, homely, homespun, meat-and-potatoes, bread-and-butter;
1.2Common to or required by everyone; primary and ineradicable or inalienable: basic human rights
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  • The meeting would help to raise awareness that everyone should enjoy the basic human right of freedom of choice in marriage, she said.
  • Being a week of Remembrance, we all need to observe that everyone has the basic human right to freedom of speech.
  • And the shortest road to equality is to provide for everyone's basic human needs free of charge.
2 Chemistry Having the properties of a base, or containing a base; having a pH greater than 7. Often contrasted with acid or acidic; compare with alkaline.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In the presence of a basic solution, litmus will lose hydronium ions and turn blue.
  • Compounds that react with water to form hydroxide ions are called basic anhydrides.
  • Blue litmus paper turns red in acidic solution, and red litmus paper turns blue in basic solution.
2.1 Geology (Of rock, especially igneous rock) relatively poor in silica.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The Liva Member includes parts of the formation composed of basic lavas and tuffs with only minor interbedded sediments.
  • Enstatite occurs in plutonic basic and ultrabasic rocks such as peridotite and norite, and also in some high-grade metamorphic rocks.
  • Quarzitic gneiss, low-grade metamorphic basic rocks, phyllites and dark chert can be abundant in some layers.
2.2 Metallurgy Relating to or denoting steelmaking processes involving lime-rich refractories and slags.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The refractories for casting a basic substance are used for ladles, tundishes, vacuum degasing furnaces, mixers, and the like.
  • The lining must resist high temperature, oxidized basic slag and liquid metal.
  • Refractory bricks for steel production include Basic refractory bricks and High-Alumina refractory bricks.


(basics) Volver al principio  
1The essential facts or principles of a subject or skill: learning the basics of the business storytelling has re-emerged as people have turned back to basics
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  • But once the bubble has burst they turn back to basics and begin studying exactly what companies and their profits are up to.
  • More importantly though, it reminded me to get back to basics as far as parenting skills go, and dig out some of the books out of the boxes.
  • And surely they're old enough to learn the basics of critical thinking skills and skeptical analysis.
fundamentals, essentials, rudiments, (first) principles, foundations, preliminaries, groundwork;
essence, basis, core
informal nitty-gritty, brass tacks, nuts and bolts, meat and potatoes, bread and butter, ABCs
1.1Essential food and other supplies: people are facing a shortage of basics like flour
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Many people appear to be saving their spare cash after paying out more for basics such as food, transport and health.
  • On other occasions, the candidate had promised a nation where people do not have to choose between basics, such as food and medicine.
  • Aid agencies on the ground continued to warn that millions across the region were without the basics of food and clean water.
1.2 Military Basic training.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Sailors learn Army basics to prep for downrange deployment.
  • When we did basics in the army, you just mention you're tired all the time and they grab you, jab you with a needle.
  • Yes, I have finished basics!


Mid 19th century: from base1 + -ic.

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Hay 2 definiciones de basic en inglés:

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BASIC 2 División en sílabas: BASIC
Pronunciación: /ˈbāsik/


A simple high-level computer programming language that uses familiar English words, designed for beginners and formerly used widely.


1960s: acronym from Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

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