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Silabificación: bitch


1A female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
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  • A female puppy or bitch reaches sexual maturity at roughly the same age as a male; however, there are variations among breeds and individuals.
  • Both horses and hounds had central heating by flues and the dog kennel alone measured 405 feet long with numerous separate compartments for bitches, puppies and dogs.
  • And, yes, being canine, a female wolf could also be called a bitch.
2 informal derogatory A spiteful or unpleasant woman.
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  • Watching that smile fade in to horror as she saw herself depicted as a two-faced, backstabbing, malicious bitch was even more priceless.
  • Well, some girls specialise in married men because they're dumb, nasty bitches who genuinely dislike other women.
  • I was being labeled as a volatile, malicious bitch, and whenever anyone said anything to me, they would cower slightly, as if they were just waiting for me to lash out at them.
witch, shrew, vixen, she-devil, hellcat, harridan, termagant, virago, harpy
archaic grimalkin
2.1 black slang A woman.
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  • It's music made by cool bitches for cool bitches like me.
2.2A person who is completely subservient to another: he will always be her bitch
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  • They're just being Vince's little bitches.
  • We're not totally against the idea, but only if he appears as Jar Jar's bitch.
  • Who's going to be the bitch now?
3 (a bitch) informal A difficult or unpleasant situation or thing: the stove is a bitch to fix
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  • Also, nightshifts are a bitch to write blogposts in.
  • What a bitch, what an absolute and complete bitch.
  • It's a bitch being so multi-talented - an ideal host, an excellent chef, a friend to the stars, a masterful party DJ.
informal bastard, bummer, —— from hell, stinker
4 informal A complaint: my big bitch is that there’s nothing new here
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  • My chiefest bitch is neither the hardware nor the software nor the infrastructure have any feedback mechanism whatsoever.


[no object] informal Volver al principio  
Express displeasure; grumble: they bitch about everything (as noun bitching) we’re tired of your bitching
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  • Our movie session finished at 12 am and I was too tired to bitch about the movie.
  • I did struggle at times with the workload, but I always met my deadlines, I didn't bitch about it and always showed flexibility and excellent change management skills.
  • Later I went all the way up to 86th and Lex, which, though I like to bitch about going to the Upper East Side, or, for that matter, the Upper Anything, took me no time at all.


Old English bicce, of Germanic origin.