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Pronunciación: /blīt/


1A plant disease, especially one caused by fungi such as mildews, rusts, and smuts: the vines suffered blight and disease potato blight
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  • Corn seed is generally treated with fungicides to prevent seed decays and seedling blights.
  • We have lost too many champions to Dutch elm disease, chestnut blight, and oak wilt.
  • Then in 1845 the harvest was wrecked by bad weather, and the first blights hit the Irish potato crop.
disease, canker, infestation, fungus, mildew, mold
1.1 [in singular] A thing that spoils or damages something: her remorse could be a blight on that happiness
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  • Fascism is a gross deformity on the once awe inspiringly superlative face of this earth, and such blights so easily make otherwise beautiful spectacles the ugliest of things.
  • He has been credited with turning the country around after several severe economic blights and in recent years for spearheading the introduction of policies to boost the country's economic competitiveness.
  • Nowadays, anyone with access to graphics software can readily modify digital images to remove such blights as red eye in flash photos or transport themselves from a crowded room to a pristine beach.
affliction, scourge, bane, curse, plague, menace, misfortune, woe, trouble, ordeal, trial, nuisance, pest
1.2An ugly, neglected, or rundown condition of an urban area: the depressing urban blight that lies to the south of the city
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  • Pompeii is an hour's drive away: up over the Chiunzi pass, down through the urban blight of the Sarno plain, and there it is, the world's most famous stopped clock.
  • A leafy neighbourhood of detached and semi-detached homes much removed from the urban blight of Scottish cities.
  • Urban blight is cumulative and self-reinforcing; blighted buildings cast a pall on land around them, discourage upkeep, and stifle renewal.


[with object]
1Infect (plants or a planted area) with blight: a peach tree blighted by leaf curl
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  • Only when their crop of vines is blighted can they make Sauternes, one of the most glorious sweet wines in the world, which thrives on rot and fungal decay.
  • If there were witches, who could blight your crops, make you sterile, and turn you into a newt just by an incantation or two, then of course we should hunt them.
  • She could blight crops as easily as bless them, deliver at a difficult lambing and assist the occasional human birth for those too poor to have a more qualified attendant.
infect, mildew;
kill, destroy
1.1Spoil, harm, or destroy: the scandal blighted the careers of several leading politicians (as adjective blighted) his father’s blighted ambitions
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  • For returning officers across East Lancashire, one of the primary goals of next month's national and county council elections is to restore faith in a process blighted by scandal in recent years.
  • But Dudgeon's career at Oakwell was blighted by a bout of post-viral syndrome which prevented him from making a League appearance for the Tykes.
  • Tomorrow, we will destroy the evil blighting our land!
ruin, wreck, spoil, mar, frustrate, disrupt, undo, end, scotch, destroy, shatter, devastate, demolish
informal mess up, foul up, stymie
1.2 (usually as adjective blighted) Subject (an urban area) to neglect: plans to establish enterprise zones in blighted areas
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In the worst of times, urban areas are blighted, deserted with depressed economies.
  • For after demolition became the answer to the 50 properties whose neglected condition had blighted the North Road area of Blackburn for almost a decade, it was decided to turn what had been an eyesore into a site to please the eye.
  • The latest Urban Renewal Scheme aims to build on progress achieved under previous schemes in combating the urban dereliction and decay which has blighted so many central areas of our towns and cities.


Mid 16th century (denoting inflammation of the skin): of unknown origin.

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