Definición de breakdown en inglés:


Silabificación: break·down
Pronunciación: /ˈbrākˌdoun


1A mechanical failure.
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  • Most of the contenders in the JWRC suffered mechanical breakdowns, punctures or accidents.
  • But the diagram would also assume a lot: no stuck buttons or mechanical breakdowns, and no frustrated residents walking down the hall late at night and dumping all their waste without sorting it.
  • Some mechanical breakdowns could be avoided if drivers properly inspected the buses before they begin their routes, as required by federal law, Scanlon said.
2A failure of a relationship or system: the breakdown of their marriage some of these women will have experienced marital breakdown a breakdown in military discipline
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  • It's wrong to let them off the hook altogether and only blame the managers, the systems and a breakdown in communications.
  • The course is designed to assist people who are separated and help them meet other people who have experienced a breakdown in a relationship.
  • But even if the collection Scheme does become operational there is already a breakdown in the communication system that would have helped to make it more efficient.
failure, collapse, disintegration, foundering
2.1A sudden collapse in someone’s mental health.
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  • Frontline troops are finding their tours of duty extended, causing huge morale problems and an epidemic of breakdowns and mental health problems.
  • He's gotten over all the deaths, mental breakdowns, and abandonment he used to obsess over, and now the angst in his lyrics seems to be more a matter of commercial necessity than deeply felt personal expression.
  • This is what eventually led to his mental breakdown and the deaths of many of the heads of Britain.
3The chemical or physical decomposition of something: the breakdown of ammonia to nitrites
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  • Over thousands to millions of years, the physical breakdown and chemical weathering of volcanic rocks have formed some of the most fertile soils on Earth.
  • Some water supplies (mostly ponds and streams) contain some natural organic chemicals from the breakdown of plants and leaves.
  • All of them block the breakdown of a brain chemical called acetylcholine that is important in memory and other intellectual functions.
3.1An explanatory analysis, especially of statistics: a detailed cost breakdown
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  • It also gives a detailed breakdown of costs to distributors and compares this to the selling prices.
  • Ask for a detailed breakdown of programme costs.
  • We'll offer analysis and statistical breakdowns, more photos, more of everything.
analysis, classification, examination, investigation, dissection