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Pronunciación: /bərˈmēz/

sustantivo (plural igual)

1A member of the largest ethnic group of Burma (Myanmar) in Southeast Asia.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Ethnic Burmese form the majority at 67.4%, and the remainder includes the Shans, Rakhines, Mons, Chins, Kachins and the Kayahs.
  • The name of the country of Burma (or Myanmar, as it is now officially known) is associated with the dominant ethnic group, the Burmese.
  • They established kingdoms and expanded their territory, often in conflict with other ethnic groups such as the Burmese (Burman).
2A native or inhabitant of Burma.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • I tried to tell her that she upheld the only force, apart from fear and greed, strong enough to bind the diverse Burmese into one nation.
  • This Burmese gets his supplies from a member of the Karen hill tribes.
  • There are more than 125 separate ethnic groups represented by the Burmese.
3The Tibeto-Burman language of the Burmese, written in an alphabet derived from that of Pali, and the official language of Burma.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The Pali alphabet used for written Burmese is made up of eight vowels, three diphthongs, 32 consonants, and several tones.
  • They constitute three linguistic families, Tibeto-Burman, Mon-Khmer, and Tai, although today Burmese is written and spoken by most.
  • In Singapore, a police spokesman said Thursday the letter, which was written in Burmese, contained a low-grade bomb detonator.
4 (also Burmese cat) A cat of a short-haired breed originating in Asia.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Thus, Exotic shorthairs, a Burmese or two, and even the occasional Persians can be found among the topmost branches in the family trees of many Scottish folds.
  • She settled on Burmese and Abyssinians but has bred everything from Somalis to Tonkanese.
  • My first flat was a household that varied between four and five people; trying to keep our waste down to one bag a week was a challenge, despite the compost heap we built and two Burmese cats who would eat pretty much everything we offered.


Relating to Burma, its people, or their language.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • After a lovely dinner last week with my parents at a great little Burmese restaurant.
  • Patton has also been studying the Burmese language with a community of monks around Harvard and is a member of the Buddhist Community there.
  • The logbook also contains a detailed account of an 1853 encounter in the Irrawaady River area of Burma with Burmese insurgents fighting British power.

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División en sílabas: Bur·mese

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