Hay 2 definiciones de clap en inglés:


Silabificación: clap

verbo (claps, clapping, clapped)

[with object]
1Strike the palms of (one’s hands) together repeatedly, typically in order to applaud: Agnes clapped her hands in glee [no object]: the crowd was clapping and cheering
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  • The crowd cheered, whistling and clapping their hands.
  • The crowd, while clapping their hands, also tapped their foot to the music, as the models pranced around showing off the jewellery.
  • The audience clapped loudly at the end of the lecture.
1.1Show approval of (a person or action) by clapping.
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  • Then strolled out of the airport with my cousin who was clapping me on my performance.
  • Cars hooted approval, crowds cheered and clapped the heroes.
  • His father Gordon, a former York City star, asked the congregation to stand for a minute to applaud and clap Thomas, and ‘say thank you for knowing him’.
1.2Strike the palms of (one’s hands) together once, especially as a signal: the designer clapped his hands and the other girls exited the room
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Anna clapped her hands together once.
  • Andy joined in at the last minute and clapped her hands together once.
  • Maybe you should clap your hands once and knock your heels together three times.
1.3Slap (someone) encouragingly on the back or shoulder: as they parted, he clapped Owen on the back
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  • So very, very, quietly… Drew claps Emily on the shoulder.
  • With a crooked smile, he claps Doug on the shoulder.
  • Wyatt nodded sympathetically, clapping him on the shoulder.
1.4Place (a hand) briefly against or over one’s mouth or forehead as a gesture of dismay or regret: he swore and clapped a hand to his forehead
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • She was grabbed again from behind and this time a big, scaly, clawed hand was clapped over her mouth.
  • Another hand was clapped over his mouth, muffling the sound.
  • You clap your hand to your forehead and trot back upstairs to change into a pair of jeans.
1.5(Of a bird) flap (its wings) audibly.
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  • Big sodden bales sat in the small high-hedged fresh-cut fields, a pigeon clapped in the alders and misty rain filled a steel grey sky.
  • At the sound, the birds rise from their night places; they clap their wide, black wings and settle again.


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1An act of striking together the palms of the hands, either once or repeatedly.
round of applause, handclap
informal hand
1.1A friendly slap or pat on the back or shoulder.
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  • Mark gave him a friendly clap on the shoulder, ‘ah, don't worry about it, you'll find out sooner or later right?’
  • She smiled, giving both of them a friendly clap on the shoulder.
  • With a clap on the shoulder for me and a kiss for Willow, he went to bed.
slap, blow, smack, thump; pat
informal whack, thwack
2An explosive sound, especially of thunder: a clap of thunder echoed through the valley
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  • A loud clap of thunder sounded and rain could be heard pelting against the roof.
  • ‘At the front desk we heard the explosion starting like a clap of thunder and then it kept rolling,’ she said.
  • Before the two could get on with their innocent, child-like play, however, a loud clap of thunder echoed throughout the skies, which had turned dark from a while ago.


Old English clappan 'throb, beat', of imitative origin. sense 1 of the noun dates from late Middle English.


clap eyes on

see eye.

clap someone in jail (or irons)

Put someone in prison (or in chains).
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • A cynical immigration official claps James in jail upon his arrival.
  • He may as well have clapped me in irons and commenced flogging in front of the herds of law-abiding legal visitors.
  • The dissident has said he aims to run for president against 24-year incumbent, although the president clapped him in jail for a lesser act of defiance only a few years ago.

Verbos con partícula

clap something on

Abruptly impose a restrictive or punitive measure on: most countries clapped on tariffs to protect their farmers
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  • Along busy streets, bright signs for Coke, Pepsi, Citibank, Bell South, Papa John's, KFC, Marriott - even Starbucks - could vanish if Peru chose to clap tariffs on those products.

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Palabra del día dinkum
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(of an article or person) genuine, honest, true

Hay 2 definiciones de clap en inglés:


Silabificación: clap


(usually the clap) informal
A venereal disease, especially gonorrhea.


late 16th century: from Old French clapoir 'venereal bubo'.