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Silabificación: clock
Pronunciación: /kläk


1A mechanical or electrical device for measuring time, indicating hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds, typically by hands on a round dial or by displayed figures.
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  • He watched the ticking on his bedside clock until the minute hand felt more like the hour hand.
  • I rolled over and looked at the digital alarm clock on my bedside table.
  • I glanced at the digital alarm clock by my bed.
timepiece, timekeeper, timer;
chronometer, chronograph
1.1 (the clock) Time taken as a factor in an activity, especially in competitive sports: they play against the clock her life is ruled by the clock
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  • Each competitor has to complete the activity against the clock, with the one who completes the circuit in the fastest time the winner.
  • In a time trial racers go one at a time competing only against the clock going out alone with no teammates to help.
  • Champagne corks were popping when a three-week project against the clock was completed in time at a community centre in Ulverston.
1.2 informal A measuring device resembling a clock for recording things other than time, such as a speedometer, taximeter, or odometer.
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  • I have a great 1995 Mercedes with just 115,000 on the clock.
  • Firstly, most comparable cars seen in Namibia had over 180 000 km on the clock.
  • I knew that I wanted a smallish 2004 automatic model with as few as possible kilometres on the clock.
1.3 see time clock.
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  • With files shared among a large number of workstations, it becomes imperative that machines have their clocks synchronized so that file time stamps are globally comparable.
  • Finally, it is good practice to synchronize the clocks of all nodes using ntpd or something similar.
  • They can be connected to the serial port of a PC and provide time signals synchronized on the NIST clock.


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1Attain or register (a specified time, distance, or speed): Thomas has clocked up forty years service [no object]: the book clocks in at 989 pages
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  • In a recent test, the prototype clocked a maximum speed of 193 mph, earning it the title of world's fastest EV limousine.
  • Despite rain-slickened roads, they clocked an average speed of 53.71 kph - the third fastest ever.
  • Having clocked a speed of just over 240 miles per hour, this car still holds the record as the fastest production car ever.
1.1Achieve (a victory): he clocked up his first win of the year
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  • Meanwhile, Civil Service had their best result of the season when they clocked a ten-wicket victory over New Earswick.
  • I clocked up 32 victories and 2 charged sigils in survival mode playing Tekken Tag Tournament yesterday.
  • After clocking up seven consecutive victories at the start of the league season, they were beaten by Sheffield.
1.2Record as attaining a specified time or rate: the tower operators clocked a gust of 185 mph
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  • This means that the memory in E7205-based mainboards is clocked at the rate equal to the FSB frequency.
  • Monitoring of the A590 has clocked cars, motorbikes and vans going more than 100 mph.
  • The camera clocked the car at 51 mph and at 44 mph.
2 informal Hit (someone), especially on the head: someone clocked him for no good reason
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  • He clocked me but by that time they had already smashed the front of the shop door.
  • And I'm going to clock the next person I hear quote the old Chinese proverb ‘may we live in interesting times’.
  • Only thing Doc could shoot out was his fist though, which he did, clocking the patient to the back of his head.


late Middle English: from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch klocke, based on medieval Latin clocca 'bell'.


around (or round) the clock

All day and all night: working around the clock
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  • Meanwhile Glasgow City Council has pledged that staff will continue to work around the clock to ease road and footpath problems.
  • We fought around the clock and continued to support the Marines as they cleared houses.
  • The second day, we could have legitimately reported flights were taking off round the clock day and night.
day and night, night and day, round the clock, all the time, ‘morning, noon, and night’, continuously, nonstop, steadily, unremittingly
informal 24-7
continuous, round-the-clock, constant, nonstop, continual, uninterrupted

run out the clock

Sports Deliberately use as much time as possible in order to preserve one’s own team’s advantage: facing a tie, he decided to run out the clock in the final moments
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  • Holmgren, wanting the ball back, thought the Broncos had a first down and was afraid they'd run out the clock before scoring.
  • With a comfortable lead, the team was content to run out the clock and seal the win.
  • We thanked our lucky stars, ran out the clock, and got ready to face the mighty Colts in that game everyone seems to remember.

stop the clock

Allow extra time by temporarily ceasing to count the time left before a deadline arrives: he agreed to stop the clock as negotiations continued
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  • Many leagues use a running clock or stop the clock only in the last minute.
  • The UK Takeover Panel could also stop the clock and rule foul play by temporarily stopping Ojjeh from voting her shares.
  • Today, much of Europe wants to stop the clock on food progress.

turn (or put) back the clock

Return to the past or to a previous way of doing things.
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  • She wishes she could turn back the clock and return to the innocence of childhhood.
  • Inspired by Strauss's hatred for liberal modernity, its goal is to turn back the clock on the liberal revolution and its achievements.
  • They want basically to run out the clock on the ground and to turn back the clock on the Supreme Court.

watch the clock

(Of an employee) be overly strict or zealous about not working more than one’s required hours.
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  • Show up on time, don't watch the clock, keep busy.
  • They never watched the clock, never dreaded Mondays, never worried about the years passing by.
  • One sign that I love my job is that I never watch the clock.

Verbos con partícula

clock in (or out)

(Of an employee) punch in (or out).
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  • The designated boxes are commonly found wherever employees clock in, she said.
  • Biometric readers can also help prevent employee ghosting, where one employee clocks in an absent or late coworker by swiping his or her card.
  • Makeup must be worn at all times when working; employees should clock in only after changing and putting on makeup.

Hay 2 definiciones de clock en inglés:


Silabificación: clock
Pronunciación: /kläk


An ornamental pattern woven or embroidered on the side of a stocking or sock near the ankle.
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  • I was wearing my powder-blue suit, with dark blue shirt, tie and display handkerchief, black brogues, black wool socks with dark blue clocks on them.
  • She wears her original outfit of fleecy jacket with embroidered clock.
  • The Spanish made socks from knitted silk and embroidered them with clock emblems.


mid 16th century: of unknown origin.