Hay 2 definiciones de commune en inglés:

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commune 1

División en sílabas: com·mune
Pronunciación: /ˈkämyo͞on/


1A group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Setting up communes, where senior citizens can live together with well-provided support structures that they might require from time to time is a good idea.
  • I lived with various communes of people in share houses, or on shared land, I lived in tepees, in cars, in tents, in a bedroll.
  • I thought it would be neat to live in a peaceful commune and promote world togetherness.
collective, cooperative, communal settlement, kibbutz
1.1A communal settlement in a communist country.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Peasants at home identified themselves in terms of their membership in the village commune and as Orthodox believers.
  • Many peasants were forced to work for the state as a part of a collective commune.
  • It started about 20 years ago, shortly after Beijing began testing the waters of market reform by dismantling people's communes and giving individuals the incentive to create their own wealth.
2The smallest French territorial division for administrative purposes.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Monaco has borders with several communes of the French Department of the Alpes-Maritimes.
  • The commune is the smallest administrative level.
  • Wines made from grapes grown within the commune of Pupillin have the right to the appellation Arbois Pupillin.
2.1A territorial division similar to a French commune in other countries.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In other communes a two-thirds majority vote could enforce consolidations for the whole village.
  • In Spain in 1857, and in Italy in 1859, education laws imposed on communes the obligation to provide elementary schools, and on parents the obligation to send their children there for at least two or three years.
  • At the beginning of the Second World War 45 per cent of the population lived in rural communes, defined as having fewer than 2,000 inhabitants.
3 (the Commune) The group that seized the municipal government of Paris in the French Revolution and played a leading part in the Reign of Terror until suppressed in 1794.
3.1 (also the Paris Commune) The municipal government organized on communalistic principles elected in Paris in 1871. It was soon brutally suppressed by government troops.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • This was followed by the declaration of a Paris Commune, or independent municipal government, in March 1871, an event which recalled the extremism of the French Revolution.
  • The director, one gathers, wants a Paris Commune purified of all its difficult and perhaps unpleasant associations, a kind of utopian model to hold out to today's radical protesters.
  • The Paris Commune developed spontaneously from the process of class struggle: the need for a new political form arose and the commune was created to address it.


Late 17th century (sense 2): from French, from medieval Latin communia, neuter plural of Latin communis (see common).

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Hay 2 definiciones de commune en inglés:

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commune 2 División en sílabas: com·mune
Pronunciación: /kəˈmyo͞on/


[no object]
1 (commune with) Share one’s intimate thoughts or feelings with (someone or something), especially when the exchange is on a spiritual level: the purpose of praying is to commune with God
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • For the pilgrims who make their way there, Lourdes provides perspective, an opportunity to reflect, a chance to affirm and renew one's faith and to commune with like-minded people before their God.
  • I need to commune with you people again - my readers.
  • In evangelical symbolism, that meant that a man of prayer was going to commune with God, somewhat like Moses on Mount Sinai.
communicate, speak, talk, converse, interface
1.1Feel in close spiritual contact with: he spent an hour communing with nature on the bank of a stream
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • This was an almost sacred space, within which a man communed with the very essence of his creative, spiritual vision.
  • There was nothing more intimate and secluded than that celebration in the midst of an open field, a simple place within which people communed with grace.
  • However, the effort is invariably rewarded with the sense of well-being that comes from communing with the glories of nature.
2Receive Holy Communion.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Some bishops have said that offending public figures should be refused Communion, others that they should refrain from communing.
  • He has taken the sacrament of Communion even if he has not communed.
  • I could only concentrate on emotions he had aroused in me, the way he had stirred an immense desire to admire and worship and commune, and then he had slipped away again before this desire could begin to be grasped; let alone satisfied.


Middle English: from Old French comuner 'to share', from comun (see common).

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