Hay 2 definiciones de content en inglés:


Silabificación: con·tent
Pronunciación: /kənˈtent


1In a state of peaceful happiness: he seemed more content, less bitter
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  • She thought of how content and peaceful she felt being with Yu Min.
  • She looked so peaceful, so content and comfortable… even though she was a so far away from the ground.
  • The woman looked blissfully content, as though she had been granted her most heartfelt desire.
contented, satisfied, pleased, gratified, fulfilled, happy, cheerful, glad; unworried, untroubled, at ease, at peace, tranquil, serene
1.1Satisfied with a certain level of achievement, good fortune, etc., and not wishing for more: he had to be content with third place the duke was content to act as Regent
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  • But ten days ago both sides were quite content with the result, both realising that they had come perilously close to losing.
  • We have had the investment for only a month and we are quite content with it.
  • Australia's politicians and their advisers seem very content with our present defence policies and prescriptions.


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1Satisfy (someone): nothing would content her
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  • It's Satan working his evil will through the world, contenting us with mediocrity.
  • I've not been terribly fit to blog of late, contenting myself instead with low-level tasks and early nights.
  • I hadn't taken a book in and so I was contenting myself just daydreaming.
satisfy, please; soothe, pacify, placate, appease, mollify
1.1 (content oneself with) Accept as adequate despite wanting more or better: we contented ourselves with a few small purchases
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  • Don't content yourself with an adequate performance from yourself or your students.
  • I contented myself with not doing a very good job on the canteen chairs.
  • In the meantime, content yourself with what you imagined it would've sounded like.


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1A state of satisfaction: the greater part of the century was a time of content
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  • You realise how much when he returns and effortlessly captures the spotlight, turning the crowd from content to jubilant.
  • Some say that chocolate gives consumers delights of euphoric content, I say it does not give me that.
  • They get sucked into the comfort zone and become content with their achievements.
2A member of the British House of Lords who votes for a particular motion.
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  • The chairman of the committee said he was disappointed at the prospect of the contents of the house leaving the country.


late Middle English: via Old French from Latin contentus 'satisfied', past participle of continere (see contain).


to one's heart's content

To the full extent of one’s desires: the children could run and play to their heart’s content
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  • She's promised to let me play to my heart's content with her cabinet full of 78s.
  • It is an idea that will cheer the hearts of those who would love to eat to their heart's content.
  • You may use our RSS feeds to your heart's content, provided you do not publish the full text of our articles.

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Palabra del día impudicity
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lack of modesty

Hay 2 definiciones de content en inglés:


Silabificación: con·tent
Pronunciación: /ˈkäntent


1 (usually contents) The things that are held or included in something: he unscrewed the top of the flask and drank the contents he picked up the correspondence and scanned the contents
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • All orders come packaged in the eponymous brown box and wrapped in parcel paper - but their contents include a dazzling array of delights.
  • Firebugs who torched a double garage wrecked the contents, including a car and a freezer packed with food, it was revealed today.
  • Christina had crawled off of her bed and packed a bag to take with her, its contents including enough money to return to Los Angeles.
1.1 [usually in singular] The amount of a particular constituent occurring in a substance: milk with a low-fat content
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  • Besides, the fat content was too low for long-term use.
  • Also, because of its low fat content, they are considered the most digestible and least likely to bring about sickness.
  • Eat meals with a low fat content, and avoid coffee, chocolate, milk, alcohol, nicotine and tomatoes.
amount, proportion, quantity
1.2 (contents or table of contents) A list of the titles of chapters or sections contained in a book or periodical: the contents page
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  • Each section begins with its own table of contents and lists chapters and subchapters of that section.
  • There is certainly a detailed list of contents at the front of the book, but this is not an alphabetic index.
  • The search will produce a web page containing the book's table of contents, a sample chapter, and a list of the corporate sponsors.
1.3Information made available by a website or other electronic medium: online content providers
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The title tag includes the title text that you created for each specific web page, the title that provides information about the contents of your web page.
  • The contents of the Web site, however, compensate for its traditional image by being versatile and very user-friendly.
  • Make sure the contents on your website is optimized properly with proper focus on keywords and nice heading, title and description.
2The substance or material dealt with in a speech, literary work, etc., as distinct from its form or style: the outward form and precise content of the messages
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  • That's unfair - the more so because it was Stern's style and content of speech that made him rich in the first place.
  • Angelina's family background informed the style and content of her literary works.
  • Yet despite all that it probably was still the speech of his life - strong on content if short on style.
subject matter, subject, theme, argument, thesis, message, thrust, substance, matter, material, text, ideas


late Middle English: from medieval Latin contentum (plural contenta 'things contained'), neuter past participle of continere (see contain).



Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I simply don't think I'm able to understand the type of person who gets pleasure out of such dreary, repetitive, contentless complaining.
  • The days of rampantly commercial, craftless, contentless, corporate-driven pop, especially as practiced by artless teenage girls, are here.
  • The problem with flash mobs is that they are contentless.