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Pronunciación: /kro͞od/


1In a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined: crude protein
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  • For example, a petroleum firm explores for oil in many parts of the world, transports it to its refineries where crude oil is processed, and supplies various petroleum outputs to retail outlets.
  • Oil refining refers to the processes involved in converting crude oil into useful petroleum products.
  • The refinery, which processes crude oil, has an annual capacity of around 10 million tonnes.
unrefined, unpurified, unprocessed, untreated;
unmilled, unpolished;
coarse, raw, natural
1.1 Statistics (Of figures) not adjusted or corrected: the crude mortality rate
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  • European countries have high taxation, and because there are lots of them, this distorts the calculation of crude averages.
  • Using multivariate logistic regression we adjusted the crude odds ratios for these variables, also controlling for any identified confounders and stratifying by effect modifiers.
  • Second, we adjusted crude effects for parental age, education, BMI, height, and weight.
1.2(Of an estimate or guess) likely to be only approximately accurate.
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  • But I'm willing to consider crude estimates, if no more precise ones are conveniently available.
  • That must be, at best, a very crude estimate that could be wildly off in either direction.
  • It is probably time to accept that raw taxonomic counts provide only a first, crude estimate of biodiversity dynamics and occasionally may be downright misleading.
2Constructed in a rudimentary or makeshift way: a relatively crude nuclear weapon
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  • They probably can put a crude nuclear weapon on one of their shorter - range missiles.
  • It's also possible that you could - that you could structure radioactive material around a crude explosive device, have a crude dirty nuclear weapon.
  • Did you find that the crude devices you cobbled together worked better than the machines later designed to make those sounds?
primitive, simple, basic, homespun, rudimentary, rough, rough and ready, rough-hewn, make-do, makeshift, improvised, unfinished, jury-rigged, jerry-built, slapdash
dated rude
2.1(Of an action) showing little finesse or subtlety and as a result unlikely to succeed: the measure was condemned by economists as crude and ill-conceived
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  • Our method of recording votes and presenting the results may be crude, but it works, and it's accurate.
  • He argues that these surprises often result from our rather crude understanding of the nature and function of genes.
  • I know no case where this kind of crude forgery has succeeded.
3(Of language, behavior, or a person) offensively coarse or rude, especially in relation to sexual matters: a crude joke
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  • Broad, rude, crude and offensive were just a few of the criticisms levelled at this scatological sitcom, but the show had the perfect response to such highbrow jibes: ratings.
  • They're entertaining for the most part, with plenty of tales of real-life adventure, foul language, crude jokes, technical detail and daring.
  • It was tasteless, crude, rude and very, very popular.
vulgar, rude, naughty, suggestive, bawdy, off-color, indecent, obscene, offensive, lewd, salacious, licentious, ribald, coarse, uncouth, indelicate, tasteless, crass, smutty, dirty, filthy, scatological
informal blue


Natural petroleum: the ship was carrying 80,000 tons of crude
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  • During the same period, China exported 4.3 million tonnes of crude for US $1 billion.
  • Officials from the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries expressed concern of pumping too much crude in the second quarter.
  • Oil prices also settled back once the Opec cartel stressed that it would pump additional crude into the market and thereby safeguard western economies from the additional threat of higher inflation.



Pronunciación: /ˈkro͞odnəs/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The crudeness and ribaldry were, of course, part of a deliberate marketing ploy, designed to tickle palates grown jaded by constant repasts of R - rated movies and cable shows.
  • The tone is set by banter and laddishness, in which crudeness and vulgarity often tends to be a substitute for real wit rather than an organic component of it.
  • But her rudeness shouldn't be taken as simple crudeness.


Late Middle English: from Latin crudus 'raw, rough'.

  • This is from Latin crudus ‘raw, rough’. Cruel (Middle English) comes from the same root.

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