Definición de discrete en inglés:


Silabificación: dis·crete
Pronunciación: /dəˈskrēt


Individually separate and distinct: speech sounds are produced as a continuous sound signal rather than discrete units
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  • All of these may usually be discrete and distinct domains but one key theme of this chapter is that there are also overlaps.
  • These conjoined applications raise one point in common and others discrete to the individual cases.
  • That is, does age affect general ability or does it have discrete effects on individual abilities?
separate, distinct, individual, detached, unattached, disconnected, discontinuous, disjunct, disjoined


late Middle English: from Latin discretus 'separate'; compare with discreet.


On the difference between discrete and discreet, see discreet (usage).



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  • The regions are discretely labeled with individual introductory texts.
  • How much are we going to look at the student's writings discretely, as separate projects?
  • The constructional elements are presented discretely.


Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Opposed to continuity is discreteness: to be discrete is to be separated, like the scattered pebbles on a beach or the leaves on a tree.
  • The effect of photodiode-array discreteness was checked by using two different magnification factors; results were similar.
  • Information on the plasticity of the migratory routes of bowhead whales provides insight on their vulnerability to changes in available habitats, and determination of migration routes also elucidates stock discreteness.