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Pronunciación: /dəˈviZHən/


1The action of separating something into parts, or the process of being separated: the division of the land into small fields a gene that helps regulate cell division
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  • Every second millions of cells divide in our body and the process of division is called the cell cycle.
  • This affects the growth, reproduction and division of cells and the communication of signals between the outside of the cell and the nucleus inside the cell.
  • These cells replicate by division, do they not?
dividing (up), breaking up, breakup, carving up, splitting, dissection, bisection;
partitioning, separation, segregation
1.1The distribution of something separated into parts: the division of his estates between the two branches of his family
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  • In the case of land, wealth and sovereignty, sharing can be understood best as sharing by division which involves the apportionment of goods between individuals.
  • I interpret the distribution as a mutually agreeable division of the chattels in question.
  • It was complicated and did not reflect the division of responsibilities between schools and LEAs.
sharing out, dividing up, parceling out, dishing out, allocation, allotment, apportionment;
splitting up, carving up
informal divvying up
1.2An instance of members of a legislative body separating into two groups to vote for or against a bill: the new clause was agreed without a division
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  • Eventually, when we got to the final vote on the third reading a division was not even called, so I did not even have to have the necessary vote.
  • The Bolton West MP took part in just 29.2 per cent of divisions or votes in the last parliamentary session - placing her 13 th from bottom.
  • If the Hunting Bill was so important, why did neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor bother to vote in most divisions?
1.3The action of splitting the roots of a perennial plant into parts to be replanted separately, as a means of propagation: the plant can also be easily increased by division in autumn
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  • Except for very young plants, division is my least-preferred method of propagation.
  • If you want to share or increase a special plant, division is the best way to do it.
  • Pot-bound grasses require frequent watering, as well as annual division and repotting.
1.4 Logic The action of dividing a wider class into two or more subclasses.
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  • Ideal division ‘progresses to infinity’; actual division terminates in atoms after finitely many steps.
  • By supposing that the atoms form the lowest limit to division, the atomists escape from this dilemma: a total space traversed has only a finite number of parts.
  • Aristotle proposes a solution that applies to definitions reached by the ‘method of division.’
2Disagreement between two or more groups, typically producing tension or hostility: a growing sense of division between north and south a country with ethnic and cultural divisions
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  • This election has uncovered a vast cultural division between Americans, but what is the cause?
  • There was a real and deeply worrying possibility that it would reopen the Cold War division between East and West.
  • It has created disunity and division between people.
disunity, disunion, conflict, discord, disagreement, dissension, disaffection, estrangement, alienation, isolation
3The process or skill of dividing one number by another. See also long division, short division.
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  • The work contains 11 chapters, one each on topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots and cube roots.
  • Topics considered include addition and subtraction of decimal numbers followed by multiplication and division of decimal numbers.
  • There I learned addition, multiplication, division and subtraction, mostly from several private tutors.
3.1 Mathematics The process of dividing a matrix, vector, or other quantity by another under specific rules to obtain a quotient.
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  • I found it perfectly reasonable that division by a fraction should equal multiplication by its reciprocal.
  • The rules for multiplication and division of a matrix by a scalar (a real number) are simpler.
  • The former is better for addition and subtraction of vectors, but can be used for multiplication and division of vectors as well.
4Each of the parts into which something is divided: the main divisions of the book
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  • This attractive roadside holding, of 11 elevated acres, is situated two miles from Kilmallock, is divided into three main divisions and has mains water supply.
  • In each school, the children will be divided into four divisions in conformity with their age groups.
  • During the 1940s, the medical parties were divided into three divisions.
section, subsection, subdivision, category, class, group, grouping, set, subset, family
4.1A major unit or section of an organization, typically one handling a particular kind of work: a retail division
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  • We have started 2005 with a simpler business focused on our core lending and retail divisions.
  • Many large firms organized research divisions and departments that institutionalized technological change.
  • Beacon, Best Western's separate purchasing division, also operates out of the Clifton Moor headquarters.
department, branch, arm, wing, sector, section, subsection, subdivision, subsidiary
4.2A group of army brigades or regiments: an infantry division
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  • However, brigades, divisions, corps, and armies formed only as needed in wartime and were promptly disbanded during peacetime.
  • It contained eight infantry divisions, one cavalry brigade, and a tank brigade.
  • Today's Army divisions are composed of brigades, not regiments.
4.3A number of teams or competitors grouped together in a sport for competitive purposes according to such characteristics as ability, size, or geographic location: the team will finish in fifth place in Division One
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  • Jefferson, 27, currently ranks second in the U.S. at 73 kg, one of the most competitive weight divisions in judo.
  • Things will even out now that teams are playing more teams outside of their divisions, and the preseason expectations will look more viable.
  • By the end of the decade the league had eight teams in two divisions and all teams played a 72-game schedule.
4.4A part of a county, country, or city defined for administrative or political purposes: a licensing division of a district
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  • The city's six police divisions will be merged into four in a move that will see management and administration cuts while support staff will help police officers with paperwork, giving them more time on the beat.
  • Currently 12 of the 16 police divisions in the city offer programs similar to Community Alert and Auto-dialler.
  • Sources say that in city divisions such as Howdenhall, which covers a large part of south Edinburgh, there can be as few as four beat officers available on day and night shifts.
4.5British A part of a county or borough forming a parliamentary constituency: he was MP for the Lancaster division of North Lancashire
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  • The county's electoral divisions will change next year and South Woodham looks set to be freed from the nearby villages it is tied to, making it a stand-alone division
  • A total of 229 hopefuls have put their names forward as candidates for each of the county's divisions for the election on May 5.
  • Winston Jones, making his first appearance in South Bradford as prospective parliamentary candidate for the division, was introduced to the new branch.
4.6 Botany A principal taxonomic category that ranks above class and below kingdom, equivalent to the phylum in zoology.
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  • Families, genera, and species are arranged alphabetically within major taxonomic divisions.
  • The species are separated into the divisions Pteridophyta, Coniferophyta, and Magnoliophyta.
  • It does not correspond to divisions between the four principal botanical species of squash.
4.7 Zoology Any subsidiary category between major levels of classification.
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  • Gregory suggested a relationship to lagomorphs, and Simpson united the two into a major division of Eutheria, the Glires.
  • These divisions reflect major changes in the composition of ancient faunas, each era being recognized by its domination by a particular group of animals.
  • Thus, at the present time the taxonomic divisions at the familial level in the Orthocerida are not clear and a meaningful classification is not possible.
5A partition that divides two groups or things: the villagers lived in a communal building and there were no solid divisions between neighbors
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  • In just four minutes the boom, like a wall, can be raised up from a 1.8 metre deep slot at the bed of the pool, creating a solid division.
  • The only division between her classroom and his is a wooden partition erected in 1930.
  • Not only was it virtually naked, stripped of all lights, signs and road markings, but there was no division between road and sidewalk.
dividing line, divide, boundary, borderline, border, demarcation line


division of labor

The assignment of different parts of a manufacturing process or task to different people in order to improve efficiency.
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  • The division of labor will allow for efficient innovation of new products once the basic needs of the local economy are met.
  • Smith famously used a pin factory to explain how specialised tasks under a division of labour massively increase productivity.
  • The scope for the division of labour and mutually profitable exchange steadily widened.


Late Middle English: from Old French devisiun, from Latin divisio(n-), from the verb dividere (see divide).

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