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Pronunciación: /ˈdəb(ə)l/


1Consisting of two equal, identical, or similar parts or things: the double doors
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  • Reinforcing this effect are a series of terraces leading invitingly from formal and casual living areas through sets of double doors to the home paddock and bush beyond.
  • Because of the large double doors it lends itself to easy access for deliveries with ample parking to the front and side of the building.
  • There was a mesh grille behind the double doors, and I wondered if anyone else was there.
dual, duplex, twin, binary, duplicate, in pairs, coupled, twofold
1.1Having twice the usual size, quantity, or strength: she sipped a double brandy
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  • They were served in generous quantity, almost double normal size.
  • The bunker is the size of a double garage with 3 fences around it, a microwave intruder alarm detection system and 32 armed policemen.
  • Opened flat, the double page size is 7 x 5.5 inches, quite large enough for an effective sketch should I want to get serious.
doubled, twofold
1.2Designed to be used by two people: a double bed
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  • I've got a caravan to myself with quite a bit of room - sofa, double bed, etc - a few yards from the main farm house.
  • Kane now sleeps on the living room sofa as Ikolo and her baby share the double bed in her room.
  • £235,000 buys you a 99-year lease on a small serviced room with a double bed, en-suite shower and all mod cons.
1.3Having two different roles or interpretations, especially in order to deceive or confuse: the double life of a freelance secret agent
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  • His attempt to lead a double life - one in Vegas, one in Boston - falls apart as his previous world just isn't exciting enough.
  • His double life came to an abrupt end on Wednesday when arresting officers armed with a Greek extradition warrant strolled across the road to the hotel.
  • She was only 15, but for years, Caeli had been living a double life.
ambiguous, equivocal, dual, two-edged, double-edged, ambivalent, cryptic, enigmatic
hypocritical, false, duplicitous, insincere, deceiving, dissembling, dishonest
2Having some essential part or feature twice, in particular.
2.1(Of a flower variety) having more than one circle of petals: large double blooms
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  • These are hanging plants, usually displaying double flowers with pointed petals.
  • The single flowers have four petals, the semidouble flowers five to eight petals, and double flowers more than eight.
  • Red Spider, developed in the USA in 1946, has crimson sepals and red corolla and Huntsman has double flowers with red sepals and purple corolla.
2.2(Of a domino) having the same number of dots on each half.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • To begin the game, each player draws tiles from their bags to their hands, one at a time, until reaching a double domino.
2.3Used to indicate that a letter or number occurs twice in succession: otter” is spelled with a double t
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  • I mean, who has three sets of double letters in their name?
  • People think there can't possibly be two lots of double letters in one word so they often drop one set.
  • Moreover, the double letter ‘a’ is atypical in the German language.
3 Music Lower in pitch by an octave.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The double octave can thus be divided into two equal parts each having a ratio of 2: 1.
  • His octaves come with astonishing drive, the double notes with gorgeous power.
  • Several selections contain strings of double notes, primarily thirds and sixths.


Twice as much or as many: the jail now houses almost double the number of prisoners it was designed for I’ll pay double what I paid last time
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  • A controversial salary proposed for the chief executive of a council only 40 miles away is double the wage paid to City of York Council's top executive.
  • It is a record price for land without planning in the region and the price paid was double the guide of €22 million.
  • I have to pay double the transportation charges compared to pre-monsoon times due to bad road conditions.


1At or to twice the amount or extent: you have to be careful, and this counts double for older people
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  • In fact we are double daft because we've just held two little soirées - one for family and one for colleagues and friends.
  • It's three against three and my vote counts double.
  • Away goals do not count double in Fifa's rulebook.
twice (over), twice the amount, doubly
1.1As two instead of the more usual one: she thought she was seeing double
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  • And while the congregation may have thought they were seeing double when the brides walked down the aisle in identical dresses, the brothers had no such problems.
  • Although Jessica learned to play the violin and piano, three weeks after her ninth birthday she began to complain to her mother and father, Alan George of The Fitzwilliam String Quartet, that she was seeing double.
  • Joanne Meager, 38 from Sheffield, thought she was seeing double when she opened our sister paper the Surrey Comet.


1A thing that is twice as large as usual or is made up of two standard units or things: join the two sleeping bags together to make a double
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  • Otherwise, ask for a standard double with a sea view: the moody purples and glowing oranges at dusk and dawn are quite spectacular.
  • The offer entitles readers to a complimentary upgrade of room, from a standard double to a Hallmark / Delux room.
  • For a good quality pocket-sprung mattress, expect to pay from £875 for a standard double at Vi-Spring.
1.1A double measure of liquor.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Last night Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon admitted that offering doubles rather than singles was standard practice in all the company's pubs.
  • Another gin and tonic, honey - better make it a double.
  • Many pubs now serve doubles as standard.
1.2 Baseball A hit that allows the batter to reach second base safely: Sabo came home on a double by O’Neill
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  • Bradley tried to make a diving catch, but he did not come that close to the ball, and it skidded past him, allowing Renteria to scamper to second base with a double.
  • The guy on base can't drive himself in, and a batter can't hit an RBI double if the bases are empty.
  • Joe Medwick came close to that mark when he hit 64 doubles in 155 games for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1936.
1.3A type of bet in which two selections are made, with any winnings from the first being transferred to the second.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Many potential entrants argue that such an entry fee could better be spent on say, three cold $100 doubles or exactas.
  • Horses that are favored in the doubles or pick-three wagers, but open up at long odds on the tote board, are usually bad investments.
  • I remember it well because I had placed a small Yankee bet - a popular wager comprising six doubles, four trebles and an accumulator - on four horses.
1.4 Bridge A call that will increase the points won if the declarer is successful, or increase the penalty points won by the defenders if the declarer fails to make the contract.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Doubles of declarer are ringed, to make it easier to ensure that each player makes her compulsory two doubles of declarer.
  • The declarer must hold at least 4 doubles to announce Plunge.
  • If someone then bids higher, any previous doubles and redoubles are cancelled.
1.5 Darts A hit on the narrow ring enclosed by the two outer circles of a dartboard, scoring double.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • A player must hit his double to become a killer and can then start the business of taking lives from other players by scoring in their double.
  • Not only this, but, fortified by the fact that I had drunk his lager by mistake, Ken managed to hit the winning double in the second leg of the last match.
2A person who looks exactly like another: you could pass yourself off as his double
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  • Was this the real man or a double?
  • Spark's friend, Nita McEwen, physically almost her double, was shot dead by Nita's husband in a hotel where Spark was staying.
  • This is too unlikely a similarity to be mere coincidence, and it produces the eerie suspicion/sensation that the women are doubles of one another.
2.1A person who stands in for an actor in a film.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • As far as I could tell, no actors used any stunt doubles, making the film's considerable slapstick shocking.
  • They had a plan for Trey to be a stunt double in films while Pixie would be that actor like Jackie Chan who does all of his own stunts.
  • Three thousand prisoners still remained inside the complex, some of whom shouted abuse through their cell-window grilles while their actor doubles went through their paces.
stand-in, substitute
2.2An apparition of a living person: she had seen her husband’s double
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The painting is part of his new exhibit called Doppelganger, which translates from German to mean the double of a living person.
  • As such, video game enemies in sibling-based stories are more likely to be doppelgängers, shadows or doubles of the player-characters.
  • Among other syndromes, they mentioned doppelgängers or subjective doubles.
3 (doubles) (Especially in tennis and badminton) a game or competition involving sides made up of two players: the semifinals of the doubles
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Kiefer, who won a silver medal in the doubles at the Olympic Games in Athens, prevailed in the tiebreak, winning 7: 4.
  • Furthermore, teaming up with Australian Trudi Musgrave, this pair had already won their first doubles game, as we went to press.
  • Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes hold up the trophy after winning the doubles final at the Tennis Masters Series in Toronto on Sunday.


A number or amount that is twice as large as a contrasting or usual number or amount: he paid double and had a room all to himself
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • She was asked to pay double the next week and if she still didn't have the money she was asked to pay treble the following week and all the time the interest was mounting.
  • In either case, some play that anyone who scored no points at all during the game must pay double.
  • Paying double for two men and a large van, rather than hiring a small self-drive van, meant the difference between three hours of efficiency and a whole day of agony.


1 [no object] Become twice as much or as many: profits doubled in one year
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  • Back in July, IFG said its profit was set to double by 2007.
  • This personal touch has paid off handsomely for the bank with profits more than doubling in the past three years to €504m.
  • Not only has supply more than doubled, but twice as much oil and four times as much gas has been added to reserves.
multiply by two, increase twofold
1.1 [with object] Make twice as much or as many of (something): Clare doubled her income overnight
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  • Using cannabis once or twice a week almost doubles the risk of suffering psychotic symptoms in later life, researchers said yesterday.
  • Even if merchandising income were to double the star's revenues, at current levels the company stands to take back around half what they have paid out.
  • She also kept her composure out on the course, more than doubling her overnight three stroke lead with a near faultless two under par 71, which included only one bogey as well as three birdies.
1.2 [with object] archaic Amount to twice as much as: thy fifty yet doth double five and twenty
1.3(Of a member of the armed forces) move at twice the usual speed; run: I doubled across the deck to join the others
1.4 Baseball (Of a batter) get a two-base hit: Strawberry doubled with two outs
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The Mets' first batter doubled into the right-field corner on a hanging curve.
  • He also was very in tune at the plate, doubling twice and walking once before being removed after five innings.
  • He then tripled, doubled twice and singled in Cibao's 7-3 victory.
1.5 Bridge Make a call increasing the value of the penalty points to be scored on an opponent’s bid if it wins the auction and is not fulfilled.
1.6 informalUS Go out on a double date: they doubled with his sister and her oafish boyfriend
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  • In fact, Barbara Nadine would only date if she were doubling with Tondelayo.
2 [with object] Fold or bend (paper, cloth, or other material) over on itself: the muslin is doubled and then laid in a sieve over the bowl
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • By definition, a pleat is a fold in cloth made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing or stitching it into place.
  • The bandage was a torn piece of cloth and had been doubled over to make it thick enough.
fold (back/up/down/over/under), turn back/up/down/over/under, tuck back/up/down/under
2.1Clench (a fist): he had one arm around her and the other fist doubled
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I doubled my fist, and punched him in the stomach.
  • I looked at him, shocked and angry at his ungrateful outburst, then doubled my fist.
  • Rob stood, doubled up both fists, and struck the giant in the neck.
2.2 Nautical Sail around (a headland): we struck out seaward to double the headland of the cape
3 [no object] (Of a person or thing) be used in or play another, different role: a laser printer doubles as a photocopier
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The small shop doubles as the reception area and crammed into the back of the site is a burger van.
  • The adapters are thin and light, and the Targus model doubles as a charger for your cell phone.
  • The writing desk in the corner doubles as the TV stand, and then on the right is a very small two person dining table.
function, do, (also) serve
3.1 [with object] (Of an actor) play (two parts) in the same piece.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • It wasn't like playing two different characters at all, but doubling the same one.
3.2 Music Play two or more musical instruments.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • To add a variety of colors in the song cycle, the string players are asked to double on percussion instruments.
  • In fact Ms. Cogle was one of the most impressive performers on stage, along with Andy Reiss who doubled on keyboards and also acted as musical director.
  • It is these characteristics that give these Mozart performances, with the violinist doubling as soloist and director of the OAE, such dash and vitality.
3.3 [with object] Music Add the same note in a higher or lower octave to (a note).
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Where Mozart uses divided violas at the opening, he applauds ‘the care with which the harmony is disposed so as to avoid doubling the notes of the theme in the violins’.
  • Rearrangement of problematic chords or omission of doubled notes is worth consideration.
  • It concludes with hands together, each playing doubled notes, creating an impressive, loud bagpipe sound.



on the double

At running speed; very fast: he disappeared on the double
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • We're ushered through at the double and there is little time to appreciate the metaphysical ambience.
  • Hawks began at the double and applied themselves to the task at hand with vim and vigour, taking all the early ball and constructing an effortless try in the process.
  • Upbeat York City chairman John Batchelor is urging a new red and white army to invade Bootham Crescent - at the double.
very quickly, as fast as one's legs can carry one, at a run, at a gallop, fast, swiftly, rapidly, speedily, at full speed, at full tilt, as fast as possible
informal like (greased) lightning, like the wind, like a bat out of hell, lickety-split, pretty damn quick, PDQ

double or nothing

A gamble to decide whether a loss or debt should be doubled or canceled.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • He may even decide to play double or quits - and launch his own takeover bid for another media company.
  • The real battle lines are going to be whether folks are ready to give up their SUVs NOW, or whether they want to roll double or nothing on even more extreme impacts in the future.
  • Clooney returned it, offering her double or quits by his 50th.

Verbos con partícula


double back

Go back in the direction one has come: he had to double back to pick them up
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • She finally told me she had been walking up and down Sukhumvit Road for miles in one direction and then doubling back.
  • Chris faked one direction and doubled back in the other, catching Selina by the arm and pulling her into him.
  • They often had to double back and change direction due to cave-ins and blocked passages.

double down

chiefly US (In blackjack) double a bet after seeing one’s initial cards, with the requirement that one additional card be drawn: the amount only increases when you choose to split or double down he doubled down on a pair and lost
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Virtually every situation you can come up with in blackjack is covered - whether to hit, stand, split, or double down.
  • You can only double down on the first two cards.
  • Players have been known to double down on a natural 21, or split tens hoping to get more money on the table.
2.1Strengthen one’s commitment to a particular strategy or course of action, typically one that is potentially risky: he decided to double down and escalate the war the third quarter of the year saw central banks doubling down on the quantitative easing approach
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • We are doubling down on diplomacy in the surrounding region.
  • He wants to double down on health care policies that will only work for the healthy and the wealthy.
  • Research shows that people with strong feelings of self-efficacy not only don't quit when problems arise, they double down and try harder.

double up

1Bend over or curl up, typically because one is overcome with pain or mirth: Billy started to double up with laughter
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • That helped her shoulder but hurt her stomach and she spent most of Friday night doubled up in pain.
  • A cry of ‘cheap shot’ from the field was clearly audible in the stand directly after an incident which saw Murray double up in pain, clutching his ribs.
  • If Allison finds herself doubling up with stomach pain, or if she has a cramping sensation, this might be a good choice.
2Share a room: “Where’s Jimmy going to sleep?” “He can double up with Bert.”
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • One-fourth of them double up with other families in cramped living quarters.
  • A 34-year-old male discussed why he was no longer able to double up with family and had to move into a shelter.
  • ‘We are cramped together and having to double up in rooms,’ he said.
3Use the winnings from a bet as stake for another bet.



Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In the 1970s DSTO, with the strong support of the RAAF, pioneered the use of bonded carbon and boron fibre doublers to repair cracked metal structures.
  • Adhesive bonding, instead of riveting, is employed by some designers for attaching doublers and stiffeners to the skin sheet.
  • The 355 nm line of a Continuum NY - 61 Nd: YAG laser equipped with a quadruple frequency doubler was used for quantum yield determinations.


Middle English: via Old French from Latin duplus (see duple). The verb is from Old French dobler, from late Latin duplare, from duplus.

  • two from Old English:

    An Old English word from the same source as twain, twelve, twenty, twilight, and twin (all OE), with an ancient root shared by Latin and Greek duo, source of double (Middle English), duo (late 16th century), duplicate (Late Middle English), and other words. The formula it takes two to…appeared in the 1850s in it takes two to make a quarrel, and in the 1940s in it takes two to make a bargain ( see also tango). The saying two's company, three's a crowd was originally two's company, three's none, in the 1730s. Before the British currency was decimalized in 1971 twopence or tuppence was a standard sum. To add or put in your twopenn'orth is to contribute your opinion; twopenn'orth is a contraction of twopennyworth meaning ‘an amount costing two pence’, used also for ‘a small or insignificant amount’.

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