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Pronunciación: /ˈentrē/

sustantivo (plural entries)

1An act of going or coming in: the door was locked, but he forced an entry
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  • On May 9 that year William Fitzherbert, recently restored as Archbishop of York by pope Anastatius IV, made his entry into York.
  • It was about half past six when the ‘Supreme Star’ Sarath Kumar made his entry.
  • When Kamal made his entry to the accompaniment of drumbeats, a frisson of excitement shot through the crowds.
appearance, arrival, entrance, ingress, coming
1.1A place of entrance, such as a door or lobby.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • When the door covers the entry, the office and library can be accessed simultaneously.
  • Sure enough ten minutes later they came through the door when Luke stopped at the entry of the door and all the boys were knocked over… like the domino effect.
  • Hospitality begins at the front door - with an entry that greets as warmly as a hug or a hearty handshake.
1.2The right, means, or opportunity to enter a place or be a member of something: undocumented workers seeking entry to the United States
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  • In seeking entry to Australia family members must also demonstrate good character, even if they have no desire to come to Australia themselves.
  • Citizens of specific countries are restricted travel due to their national origins and are routinely denied entry visas to western nations.
  • These are known as ‘on-entry’ cases, because they are seeking entry but have not entered.
1.3The action of undertaking something or becoming a member of something: more young people are postponing their entry into full-time work
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • All graduates of honours Bachelor degree programmes would be eligible to apply for entry to medical education.
  • If you are not on the register you may be eligible to apply for entry on the supplement to the register.
  • All applicants must complete a test of general cognitive ability and achieve a pre-established minimum score to be considered eligible for entry into the CF.
1.4 Bridge A card providing an opportunity to transfer the lead to a particular hand.
1.5 Law The action of taking up the legal right to property.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • They agreed to do certain things, then there was a lease, and there was entry into possession.
  • The remedies of entry into possession and the appointment of a receiver do not bring the mortgage to an end but are generally interim remedies used primarily to protect the security.
1.6 Music The point in a piece of music at which a particular performer in an ensemble starts or resumes playing or singing.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • King opts for slower tempos than expected, illuminating every stately arpeggio in the opening instrumental prelude until the explosive entry of the voices.
  • Nothing, until the fugal entries of the main theme in the winds, really takes off.
  • He proves a match for the orchestral mass, with a magisterial entry and huge singing tone.
1.7 dialect A passage between buildings.
2An item written or printed in a diary, list, ledger, or reference book.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Students may write a newspaper account for the local paper describing their adventures, or they could write a diary entry in the voice of a person from that time period.
  • He was in difficulty because there was no transaction, there were only book entries and accounts made after liquidation.
  • Reading my diary entries written before you died, I see a picture of a self-absorbed adolescent.
item, record, note, listing;
memo, memorandum;
2.1The action of recording an entry: sophisticated features to help ensure accurate data entry
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • A grand jury has indicted him on seven charges in total, including bank fraud, false entry in bank records, and aiding and abetting.
  • A Web-based interface was developed and is being used for data entry of surrogate records from multiple locations.
  • Cashing a check can take up to 45 minutes because of the multiple book entries, checks, and rechecks that a battery of clerks perform manually.
recording, archiving, logging, documentation, capture, keying
3A person or thing competing in a race or competition: from the hundreds of entries we received, twelve winners were finally chosen
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • And despite the interest in athletics generated by the Commonwealth Games, entries for the 2002 race have been disappointing.
  • Over two weeks before race day over 300 entries had been received, no doubt boosted by the availability of the increasingly popular method of on-line entering for the first time this year.
  • Why some fell races attract 300 entries and others struggle to reach 30 runners is a mystery but race location is one factor.
3.1 [in singular] The number of competitors in a particular race or competition.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The event attracts a large entry of international teams, including South Africa, the reigning champions, New Zealand, Canada, Zimbabwe, and Japan.
  • Due to the mammoth entry the competitors were allowed a massive seven and a half hours to complete the two laps of 16 sections, as queuing at sections became very much the order of the day.
  • A total entry of 34 competitors played in the competition and the adults probably learned a few tips about the finer points of the game.
3.2The action of participating in a race or competition.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • A fee of $100 is being levied to cover race expenses, entry fee and trophies.
  • The grants are supposed to pay for ‘sports costs’, such as coaching, competition entry fees, travelling, sports medicine and equipment.
  • The award is worth E30,000 and includes a week at a major European Rally School, a free competition licence, free entry fees and free road insurance for a year.
4The forward part of a ship’s hull below the waterline, considered in terms of breadth or narrowness.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • With fine entries and tumblehome sterns, the boat may look like a canoe when viewed from a distance, but any similarities end there.


Middle English: from Old French entree, based on Latin intrata, feminine past participle of intrare (see enter).

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