Hay 2 definiciones de fed en inglés:

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fed 1

Pronunciación: /fed/
Past and past participle of feed.

Palabras que riman con fed

abed, ahead, bed, behead, Birkenhead, bled, bread, bred, coed, cred, crossbred, dead, dread, Ed, embed, Enzed, fled, Fred, gainsaid, head, infrared, ked, lead, led, Med, misled, misread, Ned, outspread, premed, pure-bred, read, red, redd, said, samoyed, shed, shred, sked, sled, sped, Spithead, spread, stead, ted, thread, tread, underbred, underfed, wed
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Hay 2 definiciones de fed en inglés:

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Fed 2

Pronunciación: /fed/


1US A federal agent or official, especially a member of the FBI: I don’t think he has any friends since he ratted to the Feds
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Naturally, the box the Feds supplied was rigged with every surveillance gizmo known to man.
  • Wherever they go they think the Feds, or the police, or spies are watching them.
  • I didn't follow the case against the man at all or how good a case the Feds made against him.
1.1 (the feds) British The police: her two older brothers had got a restraining order put on them by the feds
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • A gunman killed in a shootout with police had texted his girlfriend minutes earlier to say: "The feds are following me."
  • The looters were trying to get in and out of JD Sports before the "feds" arrive.
  • When kids talk about the feds, it's obvious that they're not talking about the FBI.
2 (usually the Fed) US short for Federal Reserve.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In the middle of 1931, the Fed doubled the discount rate.
  • What we don't know is whether the Fed's intervention will work.
  • Had Rosie been running the Fed, the whole market meltdown could have been avoided.


Early 20th century: abbreviation of federal. The abbreviation fed had previously been used in the late 18th century to denote a member of the Federalist party, who advocated a union of American colonies after the American Revolution.

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