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Silabificación: friend
Pronunciación: /frend


  • 1A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.
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    • This recipe comes from a close friend of mine with whom I worked when I was living in London.
    • Make an effort to cultivate effective relationships with family, friends and colleagues
    • He will be remembered with much affection by his family and close friends.
    companion, soul mate, intimate, confidante, confidant, familiar, alter ego, second self, playmate, playfellow, classmate, schoolmate, workmate; ally, associate; sister, brother; best friend, kindred spirit, bosom buddy, bosom friend
    informal pal, chum, sidekick, crony, main man, mate, buddy, bud, amigo, compadre, homeboy, homegirl, homie, dawg, gal pal, BF, BFF
    informal , • plural peeps
    archaic compeer
  • 1.1A person who acts as a supporter of a cause, organization, or country by giving financial or other help: join the Friends of Guilford Free Library
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    • But it might not now happen for another year, a member of Friends of East Park fears.
    • The Friends of St Mary's Church was set up in 1998 to raise money to maintain the church.
    • Part of the funds raised by the sale of the book will be donated to the Friends of St Peter's Church.
  • 1.2A person who is not an enemy or who is on the same side: she was unsure whether he was friend or foe
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    • Enemies become friends and friends become enemies during a surprising turn of events.
    • There are enemies, friends, foes, and also potential friends and potential enemies.
    • The causes we fight for among friends will be the causes we fight for before enemies.
  • 1.3A familiar or helpful thing: he settled for that old friend the compensation grant
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    • They covet its 8,000 objects as old friends and talk about them with familiar candour.
  • 1.4(Often as a polite form of address or in ironic reference) an acquaintance or a stranger one comes across: my friends, let me introduce myself
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    • You are responsible, my friend, for one of the most memorable shots from that day.
    • Oh, Mr. Grohl - waxing has nothing to do with unwanted body hair, my friend.
    • There's more to know about fonts than you ever thought possible, my friend.
  • 1.5A contact associated with a social networking website: all of a sudden you’ve got 50 friends online who need to stay connected
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    • The only thing is Melissa came across me via this blog rather than from within Myspace itself, but I friended her anyway because she seems nice.
    • You have friended someone because of their blog icon.
    • I've friended you all, but haven't seen anyone looking for games recently.
  • 2 (Friend) A member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.
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    • At the Society of Friends, he would put his arm around newcomers and encourage them into the group.


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  • 1Add (someone) to a list of contacts associated with a social networking website: I am friended by 29 people who I have not friended back
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    • With very few exceptions, if I don't know you I don't friend you.
    • I "friended" some of the people I used to know "in real life" on Facebook.
  • 2 archaic Befriend (someone).


be (or make) friends with

Be (or become) on good or affectionate terms with (someone).
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  • Right away you notice she's the type of girl everyone wants to be friends with.
  • Did you ever have a friend at school who you though you'd be friends with for ever?
  • My friend said he was friends with the owners and said it wouldn't be that much money.

a friend at court

A person in a position to use their influence on one’s behalf.
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  • I didn't want to say good bye to Bess, for I doubted that I would have such a friend at court.
  • We had a friend at court, one that secured for me two meetings with Harold Wilson.
  • In master Daniel I had a friend at court, who would sometimes give me a cake, and who kept me well informed as to their guests and their entertainments.

a friend in need is a friend indeed

proverb A person who helps at a difficult time is a truly reliable person.
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  • As the English saying goes; a friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • First she must help the ant because a friend in need is a friend indeed and she can find another worm soon.
  • We all have been hearing from our childhood days that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

friends in high places

People in senior positions who are able and willing to use their influence on one’s behalf.
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  • I had no influence, no friends in high places, no well-connected parents.
  • Fortunately, Sheen had friends in high places.
  • I have absolutely no doubt that time, and a little help from friends in high places, will create the necessary conditions for eventual acquittals.

with friends like ——, who needs enemies?

Used to suggest that a supposed friend or ally of a particular person has acted against the best interests of that person: with friends like this guy, who needs enemies?
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  • With friends like our current congressional representatives, who needs enemies?
  • With friends like this he hardly needs enemies.
  • With friends like them, who needs enemies?


Old English frēond, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vriend and German Freund, from an Indo-European root meaning 'to love', shared by free.

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